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Current Exhibits

With the beginning of Russia's war against Ukraine, a cohort of Fulbright photographers, both Ukrainian and American, found themselves at the epicenter of momentous events. They were equipped with their ultimate weapons, their cameras. They managed to capture the tragic and heroic, the devastating and hopeful moments of present life in Ukraine. The exhibit is sponsored by Fulbright Ukraine and the Fulbright Association Minnesota Chapter.
Long before our current age of globalization, cloth was a major trade commodity. Textiles, woven from diverse fibers, dyed to various hues, and adorned with myriad designs, were produced by unique cultures around the earth. This exhibit, presented by the James Ford Bell Library, explores the interwoven elements of textiles, trade, and attire in the premodern world.
Experts in human-computer interaction (HCI), virtual reality (VR), and digital graphics have dabbled across these overlapping fields for many years, but a new generation of users and high-tech culture mavens are integrating these technologies to take them to new and dizzying heights. This exhibit is presented by the Charles Babbage Institute Archives at the University of Minnesota Libraries.

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