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      Meet the new curator of the Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies

      In his first year at the University of Minnesota Libraries, Aiden Bettine has been down in the trenches of the Tretter Collection, surrounded by the ephemera of early LGBTQ life. And it’s exactly where he wants to be. “It's kind of an exciting time to be the new curator of the Tretter Collection, and to be able to establish community partnerships and events,” Bettine said. “I feel incredibly fortunate and lucky to have landed the job and be here. It really is the dream job.”
      Fold out book with illustrations of many different types of mushrooms

      Celebrating spring with ’Wangensteen in bloom‘

      On April 7, 2023, the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine held its latest pop up exhibit, ’Wangensteen in bloom.‘ In addition to providing student employees an opportunity to do a deep dive into the library’s collection, which consists primarily of rare books, manuscripts, and artifacts, these pop ups also offer new, unexpected entry points into the WHL’s one-of-a-kind collection.
      Pencil sketch for an illustration by Brian Selznick for the book “The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins,” a children's picture book biography of Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins.

      Kerlan acquires original Brian Selznick pencil sketch

      Thanks to a generous donation by Carol Erdahl — one of the former and founding owners of the Red Balloon Bookshop — the University of Minnesota Libraries’ Kerlan Collection of Children's Literature contains one of Brian Selznick’s original pencil sketch illustrations for the book, “The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins.”
      “Art Dog” by Thacher Hurd, the author and illustrator, and son of Clement and Edith Hurd.

      Thacher Hurd’s introduction

      Thacher Hurd’s introduction to Margaret Wise Brown was not especially promising. Brown, the renowned author of “Goodnight Moon,” which his father Clement Hurd had illustrated, had no children of her own.
      John Ivan Palmer

      A magician’s deceptions

      As a writer and researcher, Palmer has long been a member of the Friends of the University of Minnesota Libraries, so he could have access and borrowing privileges to the University collections. He has used these materials in numerous writing projects, both fiction and non-fiction. “Because I have enriched myself intellectually by what the University [of Minnesota] has provided ... I feel that in the end I owe back the product of that enrichment.”
      Sherlock Holmes in 221 Objects

      Don’t miss ‘Holmes in 221 Objects’

      A small slice — 221 objects — of the Glen S. Miranker collection of some 6,000 items now is on view in Elmer L. Andersen Library, on the University of Minnesota’s west bank. This traveling exhibition was first seen by Timothy Johnson at the Grolier Club in New York City. Johnson is the Curator of the Sherlock Holmes Collections at the University of Minnesota Libraries.
      Woman wearing blue polo t-shirt bearing the logo "Tretter Collection" standing in front of a bookcase, where several book spines and a gold Emmy statue are visible

      Donor Profile: An accidental curator

      Vecoli says she was in the right place at the right time when she took the Tretter job the first time in 2012. Although she has no degree in history or library science and no formal training in being an archivist or curator, she brought her passion as an lesbian activist and her understanding of the need to better organize all the amazing materials that Jean-Nickolaus Tretter had collected over the years.
      line drawing of a young woman in a longish skirt skidding on the ice

      Finding Wanda

      Perhaps you, you and your parents, you and your children, or you and your siblings have read “Millions of Cats,” out loud, to each other, or solo. This classic children’s book was first published in 1928 and, since then, never, ever has gone out of print. vAnd the story of the creator of “Millions of Cats” begins in Minnesota. Many works created by Wanda Gág are held in the Kerlan Collection of Children’s Literature, one of the special collections at the University of Minnesota Libraries.
      The Wangensteen student showcase exhibit

      Wangensteen Student Showcase

      See student success in action! This multi-part exhibit explores how undergraduate students from a variety of academic disciplines use historical materials from the Wangensteen in their coursework and projects.

      IHRCA and IHRC Announces Grant-in-Aid Awards, Karni Scholarships

      The Immigration History Research Center Archives (IHRCA) at the University Libraries announces its 2023 Grant-in-Aid awardees and the Immigration History Research Center’s Michael G....
      two people posing in front of the backdrop for the children's book "Goodnight Moon"

      Exhibit Man

      Entering Darren Terpstra’s office in Andersen Library feels like going backstage — but with Greek columns, a Chinese dragon head, and midcentury lamps, one is not sure which play will be performed.
      Jean Tretter

      Remembering Jean-Nickolaus Tretter

      On Dec. 9, 2022 we lost a giant. Jean-Nickolaus Tretter, avid collector and founder of the Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies, died. At 76 years of age, Jean left an indelible mark on LGBTQ history thanks to his persistent collecting of LGBTQ history that began in the 1970s.

      Immigrants and invisible labor

      As a feminist sociologist, I am fascinated by the notion of work — any format of exertion that sustains society and humanity, lives, and livelihoods.
      Page from Millions of Cats, Wanda Gág.

      Cats from the archives

      As winter daylight fades and the cold wind fingers its way through tiny cracks into your abode, a feline companion may be appealing. If so, check out thees 10 cats for your catappreciation from various collections within the Libraries — UMedia, the James Ford Bell Library, and the Minnesota Digital Library.
      Dozens of brightly colored boxes that contain pharmaceutical products are on a table covered by a blue-quilted cloth. Anna Shepherd's blue-gloved hand is seen pointing at a box on the table.

      Wangensteen Library receives Cultural Heritage Grant

      The University of Minnesota's Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine has been awarded a Minnesota Historical & Cultural Heritage grant in the amount of $103,162. The funding will be used to provide “Access to Historical Healthcare Artifacts” currently in the Wangensteen collections but not yet available via its online catalog.
      Four people smiling at the camera; involved in a research project

      Refining data mining

      Until recently, faculty researchers might have asked an undergraduate or graduate student to carry out the grunt work of reviewing tons of content to excavate relevant articles. Now there's a text-mining tool for that work.

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