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Photo of Althea

How I Work: Althea ArchMiller

Program R with RStudio, GitHub, and UofM Remote Server are what keeps postdoc research associate Althea ArchMiller busy — and productive — each day, from her commute to work in the morning to her commute home at night.

Life could be easier with a recipe

IFTTT (If This Then That) provides a dead-simple solution to dealing with our silos of personal information. It's a service that exchanges information to, from, and between apps based on certain triggers that you control.
Katie Sisneros

How I Work: Katie Sisneros

Katie Sisneros writes about the tools she uses in her daily life as a a sixth year Ph.D. candidate in English literature at the University of Minnesota. Note: Sisneros says that she's "in a committed and loving relationship with Microsoft Word. Which means I'm in a codependent relationship with Dropbox ..."
Photo of Ethan Young

How I Work: Ethan Young

I love R, Rstudio, and Rmarkdown. I particularly love the R packages ggplot2, dplyr, stringr, tidyr, haven, and diagrammeR. All of these packages make my research happen in one place in order to maximize flow and reproducibility.

Make It Work!

This article discusses how you can you strike a balance between actually getting work done, and staying current on new software options that might improve your ability to get that work done.
Jason Jackson

How I Work: Jason Jackson

Go "old school" by creating a checklist using an ink pen and legal pad and let the productivity begin. That's the advice given by Jason Jackson, Assistant Director for the Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life at the University of Minnesota, in this installment of How I Work, brought to you by the University of Minnesota Libraries.
Courtney Tchida

How I Work: Courtney Tchida

Courtney Tchida uses hardware tools — real hardware, like a broadfork and power harrow — and smartphone software apps to help her stay on task in her role as Student Program Coordinator for the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture at the University of Minnesota.

Get help scheduling meetings with Doodle

Need help scheduling meetings with colleagues in and out of the University of Minnesota? Need to get general availability for big groups of people? Doodle, a meeting coordination tool, will make your life easier.

How I Work: JJ Barry

JJ Barry writes about the tools she uses to get work done as a Peer Research Consultant and student at the University of Minnesota. One tool she loves is Five Star notebooks "because I am a hands-on learner."

How I Work: Susan Warfield

Susan Warfield directs the Student Parent Help Center program for U of M students who are pregnant or parenting children through their academic degrees. Her favorite tool to use is her digital camera to document events.
Workflowy Demo Video

Do you love making lists? Then check out WorkFlowy!

Originally posted by Amy Claussen on December 1, 2014 What is WorkFlowy? An online app for organizing notes, making lists, brainstorming ideas, group projects, and more. Create...

How I Work: Kyle Willett

Kyle Willett, a former postdoc and research associate in the School of Physics and Astronomy, talks about the tools that make him effective in his job. Once again, Slack gets high marks, but also GitHub. He wishes there were better alternatives to Powerpoint and Keynote.

How I Work: Katherine Gerwig and Kate Peterson

Working on behalf of all of the library staff, Kate Peterson and and Katherine Gerwig coordinate the Libraries' presence at many events during Orientation and Welcome Week. They work closely with Orientation and Transition Experiences and other campus offices such as the University Bookstores and the Institute on the Environment to connect events with library spaces and relevant initiatives and services.
Black and white drawing of clouds with caption, "Balloon approaching the clouds."

Playing Nice: Citation Managers and Office 365

The University of Minnesota now offers free subscriptions to Office 365 Pro Plus for all staff, faculty, and students. This affects citation managers that...

How I Work: Kristia Davern

Kristia Davern, Planner Scheduler in Facilities Management at the University of Minnesota writes about the tools she uses at her job. These include software apps commonly used in the maintenance and construction industry, Google Apps, and "old-fashioned" tools, such as pens and notebooks.