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      Lisa Johnston

      Ye olde Wangensteen cook off

      The staff of the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine are back in the kitchen to try their hands at making cheesecakes from 1540! This time - taste testing support comes from the Lisa’s of the Libraries - including our new Dean of Libraries, Lisa German.

      Support for students

      The Libraries and the SMART Learning Commons offer a wide variety of student services — including support for podcasting, video production, research papers, and tutoring services. Most services this fall will be online, although some media services will be available by appointment at Walter Library.

      ‘The Lightning Thief’ reviewed on Read This Book!

      Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief is discussed by Jessica Abbazio and Lisa Von Drasek on Read This Book, from the University of Minnesota Libraries.
      portrait of Amerigo Vespucci

      Portrait of an Explorer

      Skeptical that Christopher Columbus had discovered a route to India, Amerigo Vespucci consulted the journals of Marco Polo, says Gregory Hedberg, donor of a portrait of the explorer to the James Ford Bell Library. The costumes described by Polo and Columbus didn’t match up, so Vespucci sailed from Europe to learn more. It was he, Hedberg says, who determined that the land now known as South America was new to Europeans.

      Be an election judge!

      Ever considered being an election judge? In this issue of "A Matter of Facts," you'll learn about the pluses of being an election judge, application information, what election judges do, when election judges work, and how to apply?
      Virtual PAWS poster

      Autism documentary, PAWS, and ‘Suggest a Purchase’

      This week I am grateful for warm weather and safe, fulfilling ways to interact with family, friends, and the university community.
      Mapping Prejudice

      Advancing the Mapping Prejudice project

      After exposing structural racism in Hennepin County, the Mapping Prejudice project at the University of Minnesota Libraries has received new funding to develop its digital tools so they can be used by communities across the country.
      Kaylee Morlan

      Learning on the job

      In this student reporter post, history major Kaylee Morlan shares why she loves working at the Wangensteen Historical Library while taking classes that feature the library’s collection, and how she uses her ever-growing knowledge of the collection to help her fellow classmates contextualize course concepts.
      Annie Hoffman

      Looking forward to senior year and working to help make positive change

      Libraries Student Journalist Annie Hoffman is looking forward to senior year, brainstorming topics for her Honors thesis while "getting more and more excited to learn, to challenge myself, and to work for positive change on campus and beyond."
      Anne Good

      Continuing to explore

      New Assistant Curator Anne Good is well-suited for the University of Minnesota James Ford Bell Library’s focus on travel, trade, and exploration in the early modern period. After all, she had an early start exploring as a child of missionaries who lived in three African countries while growing up. But her new positions also represents a homecoming of sorts: Good did her U of M doctoral research in history using materials at the Bell.
      AG Econ Search home page

      Niche player

      AgEcon Search — a partnership between the U of M Libraries and the Department of Applied Economics — was recently recognized with a C. Eugene Allen Award for Innovative International Initiatives from the U’s Global Programs and Strategy Alliance. The database includes 150,000 freely available papers, many from more than 120 small journals around the world.
      From Childhood to Adolescence

      Montessori, a new podcast, and Anti-Racism Daily

      This week, Annie writes about her plans to incorporate Montessori ideas into her Dance Pedagogy course in the fall, a new transgender podcast, and Anti-Racism Daily — a newsletter that offers daily actions to dismantle white supremacy.
      Ellen Engseth

      ‘Everything remains fresh and interesting’

      "Everything remains fresh and interesting" to Ellen Engseth — Curator of the Immigration History Research Center Archives and Head of Migration and Social Services Collections — who was recently promoted to Associate Librarian with continuous appointment.
      Envelope with Vote by mail on text

      A Matter of Facts: Voting by mail in Minnesota

      The U of M Libraries "A Matter of Facts" team provides you with the info you need to know about voting by mail in the 2020 election — both the primary and the general election.
      Minnesota Historical Election Archive home page

      Election insights

      The Minnesota Historical Election Archive is a new tool to gain insights from past elections. Published by the Libraries and curated by Eric Ostermeier, researcher in the Humphrey School for Public Affairs, the tool features a centralized, relational database that includes notes about electoral firsts and candidate biographies that Ostermeier has gathered from elections for 17 federal and state offices over the years.
      Birchbark House

      Reading, advocating, and pondering fall

      Annie is a member of Equity, Accountability, Redistribution — a group of white, Minnesota-based writers committed to using our collective privilege and capital to resource and support writers of color and indigenous writers in our community.

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