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The James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History on Church Street, Minneapolis, 1940.

The modern Bell Museum

The modern Bell Museum will play an indispensable part in the formal education and the enlightenment of the people of Minnesota and beyond. My first introduction to this museum was as a student. Fortuitously, the Bell continued my museum studies as an archivist. I’m excited to further my education as a member and visitor for many more years to come.

The Best from Pen and Press: Exhibit sneak peek

Take a sneak video peek at our current exhibit at Elmer L. Andersen Library: The Best from Pen and Press, which includes 3000-year-old cuneiform tablets, a 16th century "Remembrancer Scroll," and much more. The materials come from the James Ford Bell Library, the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine, and the University Libraries' Rare Book collections.
Malaika Grant

Oxford English Dictionary calls on U librarian for help

English librarian Malaika Grant often receives questions from students and researchers that take her to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) for answers. Recently, the OED reached out to her, as they were trying to uncover the first use of the term "follically challenged" in print. Turns out it may be a Minnesota publication associated with Twin Cities Public Television.
Librarians involved in Research Sprints in the Wilson Studio

Research Sprints help projects hit the ground running

Research Sprints pair faculty members with a team of expert librarians to collaborate either on a specific research or teaching project or one part of a broader project. The program is based on a model devised by the University of Kansas, which the U of M adopted in 2017.
Cartoon sun wearing sunglasses, sipping water and with sunscreen

Summertime safety guide: Brought to you by the Bio-Medical Library

Summer is finally upon us in Minnesota! We encourage you all to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, and we hope you stay safe and healthy as you do so! Here are some trusted health information resources that will help you avoid sunburn, heat-related illness, food poisoning, firework injury and more!
Student completing written assignment during the Summer Athletic and Immersive Learning program

Local middle schoolers visit U for sports, History Day project

A group of smart and driven eighth-grade students from Minneapolis and St. Paul worked on group research projects at Wilson Library last week. The students came to the Libraries as part of the Minnesota Historical Society’s Summer Athletic and Immersive Learning program, designed to help students prepare themselves for college both physically and mentally.

Using archives to create art

Artists Valerie Caesar, Johnnay Leenay, and Rini Yun Keagy presented about their experience in the Libraries' Artists in Residence program where they used the Libraries' archival, research, and digital collections to engage in creative projects to make art out of history and historical documents.
Lisa Von Drasek with books by Raina Telgemeier

Celebrating 100 women children’s book artists

Children's librarian Lisa Von Drasek is on a mission to write about 100 women picture book artists — all part of an effort to bring awareness to gender equity in children's literature. Her inspiration came from a blog post by Jacqueline Davies, titled: "Excuse Me Sir: Did You Forget Something?" Davies' post documents her experience at a two-hour workshop on children's book illustration where the lecturer pretty much ignored women artists and artists of color.

How I Work: Rebecca Moss

Rebecca Moss, a librarian who works for Liberal Arts Technologies and Innovation Services that supports the College of Liberal Arts and beyond, shares her favorite tools — including the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and the app, Notability.

Breakfast with Beatrice

Breakfast with Beatrice and Original Scandinavian Recipes were featured on this installment of Read This Book with Megan Kocher, Curator of the Doris Kirschner Cookbook Collection, and host Lisa Von Drasek. Kocher also announced that the University Libraries recently acquired Beatrice Ojakangas' cookbook collection — which includes Original Scandinavian Recipes — for the Kirschner Collection, which is available to the public at the University of Minnesota's Magrath Library on the St. Paul campus. 
Screen shot of EbooksMN videovideo

An online library for all Minnesotans

Following a two-year pilot, readership of Ebooks Minnesota, a free online book collection available to all Minnesotans, is taking off. The collection — managed by Minitex at the University of Minnesota — saw an 86 percent increase in readership during its second year. Through April 2018, out of 4,000 available ebooks in the collection, Minnesotans of all ages have connected to an ebook a total of 158,868 times. The platform requires no login (the only requirement for any user is to be within Minnesota borders) and is accessible at no cost through iTunes, Google Play, and Kindle apps.

Join us for ‘Racism, Rent and Real Estate: Fair Housing Reframed’

Join us for “Racism, Rent and Real Estate: Fair Housing Reframed,” an 8-event series that reckons with our dark history of covenants, redlining and structural racism; and convene cross-sector, community-centered conversations to chart a course for housing equity in Minneapolis moving forward. The first event on June 21 will feature the work of the Mapping Prejudice Project team, led by Kirsten Delegard and Kevin Ehrman-Solberg of the University of Minnesota.
Bly and Hall

Bromance: The correspondence of Don Hall and Robert Bly

While processing the Robert Bly collection I was drawn into his correspondence with Donald Hall. Their letters are sarcastic and funny and include charming nicknames for each other. When compared to the other letters of Bly’s other regular correspondents and many of the letters from fans, the letters from Don Hall are sometimes irreverent or biting.

Captain Celery saves the day, thanks to the 1:Button Studio!

BREAKING NEWS: The Sugar Bandits are on the loose, luring children towards childhood obesity. No need to fear... Captain Celery is here! With the help of his sidekicks, the Public Health Nurses, he can defeat them for good. This story is just one example of how the Libraries’ 1:Button Video Recording Studios can support student learning and effective healthcare.

‘When Women Didn’t Count’ reviewed by Alicia Kubas

Alicia Kubas reviewed "When Women Didn't Count: Behind the scenes on data collection and women in the USA" by Robert Lopresti, which details the startling facts of how women have been sidelined, neglected, and just plain lied about in U.S. government statistics for more than two centuries.