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Yao Chen

What Drives Yao Chen

Yao Chen supports researchers and students learning about East Asian regions and leads the development of the collections for the East Asian Library. Recently, Chen leveraged her expertise to help create a new course: “Environment, Technology, and Culture in Modern Japan.”
Kristen Cooper

What Drives Kristen Cooper

Kristen Cooper, Plant Sciences Librarian, finds inspiration in the interplay between truth and knowledge. She sees those values every day in her work at the University of Minnesota Libraries, partnering with researchers and students on the St. Paul campus.
Emily Riha, Copyright Permissions Coordinator at the University of Minnesota Libraries.

What Drives Emily Riha

Emily Riha is driven to negotiate the fairest price on course materials for students and faculty. As Copyright Permissions Coordinator, Riha acts as a broker on behalf of students and researchers at the University of Minnesota. She obtains use rights to copyrighted materials so that they can be used for class readings and in publications. She strives to advocate for the University of Minnesota and obtain the best possible price.
Kate Peterson

What Drives Kate Peterson

Kate Peterson, the University of Minnesota Libraries’ Undergraduate Services Librarian, coordinates, collaborates on, and works at events designed for new undergraduate students. She reaches thousands of students each year and connects them to all of the great spaces, online research tools, and services available to them at the Libraries.
Christine DeZelar-Tiedman2

What Drives Christine DeZelar-Tiedman

Some of the University of Minnesota Libraries' rarest and most unique items pass through the hands of Christine DeZelar-Tiedman. From Civil War journals to guestbooks featuring the signatures of literary giants like Sinclair Lewis, Gertrude Stein, and Alice B. Toklas. Christine works with a team of librarians to review rare objects and make sure they are discoverable by the researchers that need them.
Del Reed

What Drives Del Reed

Visitors to the Bio-Medical Library may recognize Del Reed as one of the welcoming faces working the reference desk. It’s the public service component of his job that he values the most. In his years of serving the public Del realized that “so many people don’t know what kind of services the Libraries can offer them.”
Kim Clarke

What Drives Kim Clarke

Librarian Kim Clarke loves to help people and considers herself a "research coach." She finds it enormously gratifying to make instructors’ jobs easier and ignite students’ passion for learning. “I love what I do,” Clarke says. “Watching a student or researcher have this ‘aha!’ moment, their eyes glow and they get so excited. It’s wonderful to see when things start to gel.”
Shane Nackerud

What Drives Shane Nackerud

As the father of a U student, Shane Nackerud knows how much college costs. That drives him to do everything in his power to lower those costs. In his work on the University of Minnesota Libraries’ eLearning Support Initiative, Nackerud helps faculty replace expensive textbooks with alternatives like library materials and open textbooks.
Andre Nault with horse

What Drives André Nault

A wildlife biologist who professes to know a little about many things, André Nault initially pursued a career in library sciences to get better at sating his curiosity. Along the way he discovered how much he enjoys teaching others his tricks of the trade. Nault, who is head of the Veterinary Medical Library and a liaison librarian for faculty, tackles his job in a nontraditional way.
Danika Stegeman head-shoulders

What Drives Danika Stegeman

Danika Stegeman is a librarian by day and poet by night. She gets enormous satisfaction from both pursuits, and she believes that each side of her work persona benefits the other. As a course reserve coordinator at Wilson Library, Stegeman works with instructors to make online and printed course materials available to students.
Lisa Vecoli

What Drives Lisa Vecoli

Lisa Vecoli loves observing those light bulb moments. They happen when patrons of the Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies suddenly see their personal...
Rafael Tarrago

What Drives Rafael Emilio Tarrago

Rafael Emilio Tarrago has a palpable thirst for knowledge and a quest to share it with others. It’s this hunger to learn that still motivates him after 20 years as a librarian at the University of Minnesota.