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The U of M Libraries' COVID-19 response

A laptop with an image of a graph with an instructor standing and students sitting on where the laptop keys would be.

Game-changing technology

To users, the University of Minnesota Libraries’ move to an entirely online environment may have seemed simple but — like wiring a huge building that is continually being remodeled — it actually is the result of years of efforts undergirding this new reality.
Arcadia Langmead dancing as viewed on Annie's laptop

Annie finding her online footing as dance major

Hello again! Annie Hoffman here, Student Journalist for the libraries. As we head into April, I’m finding my footing as a Dance major in online classes. I’m also feeling really grateful for art. Here’s what I’ve been up to!
A tortoise shell cat stretching and yawning

Take a break!

A blog post by Libraries' student workers Caitlin McBride and Abby Miller, in which they recommend some of their favorite study break activities to help their peers stay entertained while we all #StayHome.
HathiTrust logo

HathiTrust provides emergency access to U collection

Today, HathiTrust Digital Library took an important step and opened up in-copyright material in their digital library to member institutions with copies of those items in their physical collections. This emergency access will remain in place as long as the Libraries’ buildings are closed and print collections remain inaccessible.
Doctor washing hands with images from the Semmelweis study

Holding pieces of handwashing’s history

Handwashing is key to deterring the spread of disease. We all know this now in the face of fighting COVID-19. But it was not always so. It was only in the 19th century that a Hungarian obstetrician, Ignaz Semmelweis, studied and published on the importance of handwashing.
Boynton Health

Food, health, and mental health resources still available to U students

Although the U of M community cannot be together physically, there are still resources to help students during this time. In order to help, we’ve compiled a list of some of the resources students can check out.
Sample supply of food for the COVID-19 Emergency 14-day Meal Kit

Tips for rural groceries during COVID-19 available through U Libraries

University of Minnesota Extension is helping Greater Minnesota deal with the COVID-19 pandemic by developing emergency meal plans and pickup and delivery models for rural grocery stores to deliver to their customers. And the University Libraries is an important partner in getting the word out through the University Digital Conservancy.
Leonard the turtle with Jan and Carl

Leonard the Turtle finds a new home

Leonard is a real turtle — a yellow-bellied slider, to be specific — and she lives at the U of M’s Natural Resources Library. Well, she used to live at the library. She can’t stay there anymore now that our buildings are closed due to COVID-19. Don't worry, there's a happy ending!
Lisa Von Drasek talking about OperationReadAloud

#OperationReadAloud fills a needed gap for kids

With schools closed and libraries shuttered due to COVID-19, children find themselves sequestered at home — many without enough books or activities to appease their curiosity. Enter Lisa Von Drasek, the energetic curator of the University of Minnesota’s Children’s Literature Research Collections, who has created a social media campaign called #OperationReadAloud as a way to reach children and families.
Wilson Library 4th floor study area

Who ya gonna call? Librarians!

During the switch to online or alternative learning, our University librarians and staff have been bridging gaps by rush-ordering e-books, offering fair use guidance, and requesting access to an important database.
Woman on the phone and looking at her laptop while holding her baby girl on her lap.

Working remotely for success

Working remotely for success includes a number of work-from-home resources to assist University of Minnesota staff during the U of M closure during COVID-19. Most of the resources and guides are available to the public.
Nancy Sims

Sims’ copyright guide helps higher ed instructors

With the recent announcement that the University of Minnesota, along with hundreds of other schools around the country, was moving from in-person to alternative forms of education, Nancy Sims quickly drafted and launched the copyright guide "Rapidly shifting a course online."
Dawn Hackman and Erin Reardon

Zooming into online instruction

The first day flipping from in-person instruction to fully online was a good learning experience for University of Minnesota medical students because of preparation, collaboration, flexibility — and the help of two librarians from the Bio-Medical Library.

Dance major dealing with ‘alternative instruction’

Hello! Annie Hoffman here, Student Journalist for the Libraries. Last week all University courses moved to online/alternative instruction. I’m a dance major, which means the switch presents some interesting challenges. Here’s what I’ve been up to!

Color Our Collections

Coloring books are great to have on hand while you’re staying at home and practicing social distancing. Adults as well as younger people can exercise their creative sides. We’re happy to share our collection of historical coloring books with you. They are free to download. So get out your colored pencils, crayons, or watercolors. Have fun and stay healthy!
COVID-19 Virus

COVID-19 and University Libraries

In an effort to keep our campus and community safe from illness, all University Libraries locations are closed until further notice as part of the broader closure of the University of Minnesota in response to COVID-19. We are unable to provide access, delivery, or lending of any books or physical materials. Online access is available from our main website,

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