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A Matter of Facts Blog

University of Virginia Rotunda, the site where members of the Alt-Right led a torch march on Friday, August 11.


A tragedy occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, as a white nationalist terrorist drove through a group of protestors convened to counter-protest a scheduled rally of white nationalists who were protesting the removal of war memorials honoring the Confederate side of the Civil War. This post will help you navigate the flow of information, provide you with links to publicly available information, and point you to University of Minnesota Libraries resources to guide your understanding of the events.

From the Archivist Blog

U of M Radio On Your Historic Dial with retro radio icon

Of Poets and Podcasts

This installment U of M Radio On Your Historic Dial features Margeret Hasse on the KUOM program Minnesota Issues in her role as Executive Director for the Minnesota Alliance for Arts in Education. The year was 1984 and plans were underway for the establishment of an arts high school in Minnesota. Governor Rudy Perpich had implemented a task force to conduct a feasibility study for the establishment of the school. Can you guess what school this would become? That’s right, Minnesota was already laying the groundwork for the Perpich Center for Arts Education that operates today in Golden Valley. Not everyone was in favor of establishing a school that would centralize funding for arts education in the state. Margaret Hasse and the Minnesota Alliance for Arts in Education had concerns about the establishment of the school.

Health Sciences Libraries News

Handmade jellyfish are displayed as the Underwater exhibit comes together.

Underwater exhibit – an EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes look

This September, the Wangensteen Historical Library's new Underwater Exhibit will open to the public - exploring the intersection of humans, health, and science in watery spaces. Communications Intern A’Davian Smith sits down with curators Emily Beck and Lois Hendrickson to get a behind-the-scenes look as they walk through the process of creating this exhibit.

Kirschner Cookbook Collection Blog


Nordic cooking and cookbooks

Nordic cookbooks was the subject of this installment of Read This Book! from the University of Minnesota Libraries, hosted by Lisa Von Drasek and featuring Megan Kocher.

Land of 10,000 Workflows Blog

picture of woman on horse

How I Work: Sue Penney

Barn manager Sue Penney shares tips and tools to care for a "teaching herd" of horses owned by the College of Veterinary Medicine. These horses are model patients for veterinary students in their clinical rotations.

Primary Sourcery Blog

Photograph of Bill Holm in Minneota, MN in the 1990s.

Notes on Bill Holm’s manuscripts and writing — Part 2

By Carissa Hansen Project Archivist, Upper Midwest Literary Archives From the archivist for the 'Prairie Poets and Press' project In my previous article, I explored Minnesota poet Bill Holm’s use of boxelder bugs and pigs in his...