From Childhood to Adolescence poster for the CLIO Montessori Series.Annie Hoffman here, Student Journalist for the libraries. This week was my favorite kind of week: I had the opportunity to learn a lot. Here’s what I’ve been up to!

This week I attended a virtual workshop that explored Montessori pedagogy for adolescents. Maria Montessori was an Italian doctor, scientist, and educator whose child-centered, discovery-based methods are used in schools all over the globe.

The guiding text for the workshop was From Childhood to Adolescent, written by Montessori herself in 1948. As a future dance educator, I am curious about using Montessori ideas in my classroom. I look forward to applying what I learned this week to the Dance Pedagogy course I will take as part of my fall course load.

Transcripts puts the transgender movement in context

I also began listening to Transcripts, a new podcast produced by the University of Minnesota Libraries that puts the transgender movement in context. The podcast utilizes oral histories from the Tretter Transgender Oral History Project. I followed Transcripts on Spotify, but there are lots of ways to listen.

Anti-Racism Daily

Finally, I subscribed to Anti-Racism Daily, a newsletter that offers daily actions to dismantle white supremacy. Anti-Racism Daily is edited by Nicole Cardoza, a Black entrepreneur and public speaker.

I am grateful to have the time and resources to learn about topics that interest me and influence my community. I am eager to bring what I’ve learned to classroom discussions and advocacy work this fall.

—Annie Hoffman


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