New user-centered website in development

Photo of three stacks of Post-It Notes with labels of web page titles.
Hundreds of Post-It Notes are prepared for a card sorting exercise – part of a redesign of the Health Sciences Libraries websites.

As with any move, our move into the Health Sciences Education Center offers us a chance to reassess all of the things we have accumulated over time. For our three health sciences libraries, this includes a reassessment of our websites with a redesign planned in the next year.  

We have started a very hands-on and high-touch review of our web content, with a goal of creating a website that:

  1. Provides a user centered design
  2. Aligns with accessibility best practices
  3. Offers contextualized content

As part of this process, we will complete a big-picture and page-by-page review of our websites. As a kickoff exercise, we will be completing a card sorting exercise to help us organize and review all of our existing pages with a goal of streamlining, highlighting, and organizing important content.

Watch for your chance to review our redesign prototypes in the future.


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