Free ebooks for all Minnesotans!

Read This Book! from the University of Minnesota Libraries

Here’s a New Year’s Resolution for you: Read all of the books you can — and keep them as long as you want — from Ebooks Minnesota.

The online library is available to anyone who lives in Minnesota — just visit

Zach Miller talks about the benefits of Ebooks Minnesota — and plugs one of his favorite children’s books, What To Do With a Box — in this episode of Read This Book from the University of Minnesota Libraries. 

About Lisa Von Drasek, Zach Miller, and Minitex

Lisa Von Drasek is the Curator of the Children’s Literature Research Collections at the University of Minnesota Libraries and host of Read This Book! Miller is Head of Communications for Minitex at the University of Minnesota. Minitex, a division of the University of Minnesota Libraries, is a publicly supported network of academic, public, state government, and special libraries working cooperatively to improve library service for their users in Minnesota. Minitex is funded by the Minnesota Legislature through the Minnesota Office of Higher Education and is a joint program of the Office of Higher Education and the University of MinnesotaState Library Services, a unit of the Minnesota Department of Education, provides additional funding to support services for Minnesota libraries and library users.

About Read This Book!

Read This Book! is a video podcast produced by the University of Minnesota Libraries. It is available on YouTube and iTunes. Audio from Read This Book! is available on iTunes at Von Drasek’s The Blue Ox Review podcast. 

Read This Book!
Read This Book!
University of Minnesota Libraries

With Lisa Von Drasek


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