Summer Reading Mixtape Challenge posterAs finals are winding down, it’s time to grab some books to take On The Road (UMN, Worldcat). We can help you find a novel to read while lounging Under the Udala Trees (UMN, Worldcat) or a thriller to keep you up until ‘Round Midnight (UMN, Worldcat).

You can browse our popular reading collections located in Wilson and Walter libraries. Find fun reads in the Robert and Virginia McCollister Collection for Contemporary Literature on the first floor of Wilson Library or the collection on the second floor of Walter Library.

These collections include contemporary fiction and titles such as:

Enter our contest for a chance to win a prize

As you’re reading create a mixtape list so you can enter to win a fabulous prize! To complete our Summer Reading Challenge, read 10 books and submit your completed form to a campus library location or online before September 11, 2018. You can read up to 40 books (for a maximum of 4 entries).

Want to share your summer reading mixtape with us? Post a photo or screenshot of it using #UMNMixtape.

Stop by or have your book delivered

Before you head off for the summer stop by one of the libraries to grab a book or browse for something online. Select “Request this item” to have it delivered to any campus library. If you are UMN faculty or staff member, we can even deliver books to your office! Don’t forget your local public library also has fantastic books for summer reading.

Not sure what to read next? Try our Book Matchmaking Service.


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