Eye Hand Gesture

Forming with Black Label Movement

January 9 through March 9, 2018

“Collaboration provides opportunity for reexamination and renewal of the creative practice by entering another researcher’s view of the world…”
— Carl Flink, Nadine Jette-Sween Professor of Dance, founder and Artistic Director of Black Label Movement

This exhibition celebrates the collaborations of the dance company, Black Label Movement (BLM), known for its daring physical, intellectual, and emotional compositions. Over the years, BLM has joined with scientists, journalists, horses, composers, fellow theater and dance-makers, and visual artists. Work by BLM collaborators and visual artists Lara Hanson, Anne Swan, and Bill Cameron are featured alongside multi-media presentations that reveal the virtuosic history of Black Label Movement from 2005 to now.

Black Label Movement performs at the Ritz Theater January 12 through 21, 2018. Tickets available online.

Exhibition Coordinator: Deborah Ultan, Arts & Architecture Librarian

Exhibit details

What: Eye Hand Gesture: Forming with Black Label Movement
When: January 9 through March 9, 2018
Location 1: Wilson Library
Location 2: The Ritz Theater during Black Label Movement performances January 12 through 21, 2018


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