Get Out the Vote

Voter Registration and Major Issues for Voters in 2016

“Get Out the Vote” is an exhibit at the University of Minnesota Libraries featuring posters made by students in the graphic design course Color and Form in Surface Design (GDES3312) following the theme of voting and the elections.

The exhibit also features recently published United States government publications in the form of charts, graphs, maps, hearings, and monographs which focus on top issues for voters in the 2016 elections. The exhibit is on display in the basement level of Wilson Library near the government publications collections through the end of December.

The student posters feature a wide array of colors, designs, and thematic content. Some are bipartisan in regards to the national election with a few suggesting that neither major party candidate is preferred, but most tend to focus on the issues themselves: Black Lives Matter, the importance of voting, democracy, immigration, economy, the environment, etc.

Exhibit materials showcase the most important issues to voters in the upcoming election according to a Pew Research Center survey: healthcare, terrorism, immigration, foreign policy, the economy, and the Supreme Court. The breadth of information available through the federal government is apparent in this display through the many types of government publications featured, as well as the fact that these resources span so many different topics. These publications include hearings, books, reports, economic data, and more.

“Get Out the Vote” encourages students to be informed about major issues and to simply vote. An accompanying website created by library staff includes directions on how to register to vote, links to candidates and issue information, and other frequently asked information about the voting and registering process.


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