Interior/Exterior: Portraits of the Major Arcana

What: Interior/Exterior: Portraits of the Major Arcana
When: July 17 through September 17, 2015
Where: Architecture and Landscape Architecture Library, 210 Rapson Hall
Hours: Open during regular library hours at the Architecture and Landscape Architecture Library

Exhibit postcard for "Portraits of the Major Arcana"Parking and directions ยป

The iconography of the tarot deck has been a source of inspiration for Art Institute International photography student, Madalyn Rowell. For this series of portraits, Rowell used familiar faces and matched them with particular tarot cards.

By using carefully selected locations, Rowell creates compositions that explore the interior and exterior landscapes of personality, simultaneously integrating them with the meaning and mysticism of tarot phenomenology.

Exhibit Coordinator: Deborah Ultan Boudewyns, Arts, Architecture & Landscape Architecture Librarian


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