‘The Job Is Never Done’: Fifty Years of Documenting Social Welfare History

Through May 22, 2015

What: “The Job Is Never Done”: Fifty Years of Documenting Social Welfare History
When: February 16 through May 22, 2015,
Where: Elmer L. Andersen Library Gallery
Hours: Wednesday and Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Image from the exhibit "The Job Is Never Done"“The Job Is Never Done” celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Social Welfare History Archives, founded in 1964 by University of Minnesota Emeritus Professor, Clarke Chambers. The exhibit documents the ongoing work of the social services in the United States and of the Social Welfare History Archives. Materials from the collections highlight the development of the social work profession and its efforts to improve the lives of individuals and communities.

The exhibit also tells the behind-the-scenes story of collecting and caring for the historical records of the individuals, organizations, and communities that shaped the history of reform and social service.


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