Raise a Glass, It’s Time for Finals!

I thought the start of finals seemed like a good time to think about beverages for energy, relaxation, celebration, or (hopefully not) drowning your sorrows. As a tribute to another semester nearly under our belt, here is a sampling of the liquid side of the Kirschner Collection.



Beverages (1983) is your source for all types of drink recipes from alcohol to coffee to milkshakes. It is a technique book, so if you’re already overloaded from studying this may not be for you. If you’re looking to learn a little something over winter break, though, mixology may be just the thing.


If you’re looking for a nice strong cup of tea for yourself or a group, the Tea Council of the U.S.A., Inc. has published What You Should Know About Tea (date unknown) which amuses me mostly because the title sounds vaguely like an after school special.wine3

Need something simple and relaxing? A glass of wine should do, but if you’d like to kick it up a notch, check out the recipes for mixed drinks and food in California Wine Cookery and Drinks (1967) and Here’s How to Use Wine Graciously and Economically (1959).



For something a little more virile, check out Irish Mist : Ireland’s Legendary Liqueur : 80⁰ Proof (1946). It’s the preferred liqueur of soldiers and geese.


If you’re all finished with the semester, throw yourself a party with the creative, fun, semi-solid cocktails in Michelle Palm’s Jelly Shot Test Kitchen (2011). So classy — you deserve a treat!

Disclaimer: The Kirschner Collection Blog does not support underage drinking.


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