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Annie's Blog

      Virtual PAWS poster

      Autism documentary, PAWS, and ‘Suggest a Purchase’

      This week I am grateful for warm weather and safe, fulfilling ways to interact with family, friends, and the university community.
      Annie Hoffman

      Looking forward to senior year and working to help make positive change

      Libraries Student Journalist Annie Hoffman is looking forward to senior year, brainstorming topics for her Honors thesis while "getting more and more excited to learn, to challenge myself, and to work for positive change on campus and beyond."
      From Childhood to Adolescence

      Montessori, a new podcast, and Anti-Racism Daily

      This week, Annie writes about her plans to incorporate Montessori ideas into her Dance Pedagogy course in the fall, a new transgender podcast, and Anti-Racism Daily — a newsletter that offers daily actions to dismantle white supremacy.
      Birchbark House

      Reading, advocating, and pondering fall

      Annie is a member of Equity, Accountability, Redistribution — a group of white, Minnesota-based writers committed to using our collective privilege and capital to resource and support writers of color and indigenous writers in our community.
      Annie Hoffman

      Top African American history documentaries

      This week Annie watched "Black America Since MLK: But Still I Rise," a two-part documentary hosted by Henry Louis Gates Jr. that examines the last five decades of African American history. Both parts are available for free on She provides three Netflix offerings that dive deep into sections of history touched on in Gates’ documentary.
      Annie Hoffman

      Honoring Black LGBT+ activists

      Annie Hoffman here, Student Journalist for the libraries. In this final week of Pride month, I am honoring the incredible contributions of Black LGBT+ activists and artists. Below you’ll find five people that I admire, and a book or film by or about each individual.
      Annie Hoffman

      Understanding mutual aid

      I have heard the term ‘mutual aid’ a lot over the past few weeks and months, but I didn’t really know what it meant. So I looked into it. Mutual aid, simply put, refers to people working to meet each other’s needs.
      Annie Hoffman

      Podcasts and books on anti-racism

      Annie Hoffman, Libraries Student Journalist, recommends additional anti-racism resources, including two podcasts: "1619" from the New York Times and the June 4 episode of NPR's "Throughline."
      Annie Hoffman

      Anti-racist readings for white people

      As we mourn George Floyd’s death and try to honor his life through opposing violent policing and systemic racism, it is essential that white people like me make meaningful commitments to antiracist work. If you are white and unsure of where to begin, these books are all a good place to start.
      curly drawing by Annie Hoffman

      Math, reading, drawing, ‘West Wing,’ and more

      Post-Spring Semester, Annie Hoffman — the Libraries Student Journalist — has spent time drawing, watching episodes of "The West Wing," and reading "S," a book by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst.
      Spine Poetry

      Rain, sunshine, spine poetry, and green onions

      Hello! Annie Hoffman here, Student Journalist for the Libraries. As spring turns into summer, I am enjoying both the cozy rainy days and the...
      The Chairs Are Where The People Go

      Officially done with Spring Semester, but still Zooming!

      Hello! Annie Hoffman here, Student Journalist for the libraries. I am officially done with spring semester! Even though I’m finished attending class on Zoom, there is still a lot of Zooming going on around here. I have jumped on video calls for game nights, to sing Happy Birthday, and even to attend a spelling bee.
      Public health awareness poster with a bar of soap and a hand.

      On to finals!

      Our student journalist and U of M dance major Annie Hoffman is gearing up for finals, while sharing her favorite Zoom backgrounds.
      Cookbook from the Kirschner Cookbook Collection: Three Meals a Day

      Producing a dance film, reviewing Portuguese grammar, writing a screenplay

      Annie Hoffman is working her way through a last full week of classes and is preparing for finals. She's been shooting and editing a short dance film, reviewing Portuguese grammar, writing part of a screenplay, and much more.
      Annie's House Plants in Mason jars.

      Writing, Zooming, and wondering what’s next

      With less than two weeks left in Spring Semester, Annie is writing papers, doing lots of 'Zooming," and wondering what comes next. She also has tips for students for finishing strong.
      Round loaf of bread

      Baking, knitting, registering for fall, and more

      Hello again! Annie Hoffman here, Student Journalist for the libraries. The snow this week has made it harder to get outside, but easier to cozy...

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