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How I Work: Kyle Willett

Kyle Willett, a former postdoc and research associate in the School of Physics and Astronomy, talks about the tools that make him effective in his job. Once again, Slack gets high marks, but also GitHub. He wishes there were better alternatives to Powerpoint and Keynote.
Katie Sisneros

How I Work: Katie Sisneros

Katie Sisneros writes about the tools she uses in her daily life as a a sixth year Ph.D. candidate in English literature at the University of Minnesota. Note: Sisneros says that she's "in a committed and loving relationship with Microsoft Word. Which means I'm in a codependent relationship with Dropbox ..."

How I Work: George Barany

George Barany is a chemistry professor at the University of Minnesota, but for much of my life, he's had a fascination with mathematics, language, and all sorts of puzzles — usually as a solver rather than as a creator.

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