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Geoffrey Ghose

How I Work: Geoffrey Ghose

Geoffrey Ghose, Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Radiology, runs a lab studying the physiological basis of cognitive factors such attention and learning at the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research. He's an advocate for LyX, which bills itself as a cross-platform, WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) LaTeX frontend, for around 20 years. "For me the biggest appeal was that it wasn’t Word, the program which everyone loves to hate." He also uses Overleaf and Mendely.
Jenny Porter

How I Work: Jenny Porter

Jenny Porter, Associate Director for Welcome Week and First-Year Programs, uses Wunderlist, Google Docs, and Excel to keep on task when planning out Welcome Week activities at the University of Minnesota.
picture of woman on horse

How I Work: Sue Penney

Barn manager Sue Penney shares tips and tools to care for a "teaching herd" of horses owned by the College of Veterinary Medicine. These horses are model patients for veterinary students in their clinical rotations.

How I Work: Bryan Karban

Exercise, to-do lists, Google Docs, large blue bags from Ikea, and Petzl headlamps are some of Bryan Karban's favorite tools for making his life more efficient. Karban is the Climbing and Trips Coordinator for the University of Minnesota Outdoor Program.

How I Work: Brad Kern

Northrop Stage Manager/Audio Supervisor Brad Kern spent 15 years touring the United States, running sound for such bands as Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic, and N*E*R*D before his audio career in the corporate world. He's been at Northrop since 2014, working a mix of concerts, dance, lectures, and University events.
Courtney Tchida

How I Work: Courtney Tchida

Courtney Tchida uses hardware tools — real hardware, like a broadfork and power harrow — and smartphone software apps to help her stay on task in her role as Student Program Coordinator for the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture at the University of Minnesota.
Photo of Ethan Young

How I Work: Ethan Young

I love R, Rstudio, and Rmarkdown. I particularly love the R packages ggplot2, dplyr, stringr, tidyr, haven, and diagrammeR. All of these packages make my research happen in one place in order to maximize flow and reproducibility.
Photo of Althea

How I Work: Althea ArchMiller

Program R with RStudio, GitHub, and UofM Remote Server are what keeps postdoc research associate Althea ArchMiller busy — and productive — each day, from her commute to work in the morning to her commute home at night.
Katherine Chan

How I Work: Katherine Chan

Katherine Chan, a teaching assistant and D.M.A. (Doctor of Musical Arts) student in the School of Music, uses a variety of technology and old-school tools to stay on top of her work. Recently, she re-arranged her office, which allowed her to focus more on her work and avoid distractions.
Amanda Costello

How I Work: Amanda Costello – A Workflow for Self Care

Amanda Costello, lead content strategist for the College of Education and Human Development, talks about self-care in this installment of "How I Work" from the University of Minnesota Libraries Personal Information Management Collaborative. Costello discusses meditation apps, the Apple Watch, exercise and movement at work, and more.
Jessica Chung

How I Work: Jessica Chung

By day, Jessica Chung is a leadership educator, curriculum writer, and instruction trainer for the Undergraduate Leadership Minor. Outside of work, she is a calligrapher/bullet journalist/blogger and face behind Pretty Prints & Paper. On her blog, she combines her passions for teaching and planning to inspire others to cultivate the life they have always imagined through tutorials, ideas, and lessons about lettering and bullet journaling. You might find her in different states and countries, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, art classes of all kinds, a cappella concerts, or at the nearest Americano. Connect with her: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook
Carolyn Bishoff

How I Work: Carolyn Bishoff

This interview features our *amazing* co-editor Carolyn Bishoff, who has temporarily stepped away from her editing duties while on maternity leave but was kind enough to be interviewed by us for a change!

How I Work: Kristia Davern

Kristia Davern, Planner Scheduler in Facilities Management at the University of Minnesota writes about the tools she uses at her job. These include software apps commonly used in the maintenance and construction industry, Google Apps, and "old-fashioned" tools, such as pens and notebooks.

How I Work: Kyle Willett

Kyle Willett, a former postdoc and research associate in the School of Physics and Astronomy, talks about the tools that make him effective in his job. Once again, Slack gets high marks, but also GitHub. He wishes there were better alternatives to Powerpoint and Keynote.
Jason Jackson

How I Work: Jason Jackson

Go "old school" by creating a checklist using an ink pen and legal pad and let the productivity begin. That's the advice given by Jason Jackson, Assistant Director for the Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life at the University of Minnesota, in this installment of How I Work, brought to you by the University of Minnesota Libraries.