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Artists Among the Trees: Maple, Miller, and Singh

The exhibition, “Artists Among the Trees” offers a reconnection to the sensuality of trees through three profound and viscerally aesthetic artistic responses to the lifecycle of trees. From the details of Kate Maple’s drawings and watercolors of soil, seeds and leaves, the scrolls of trees in the landscape by Virajita Singh, and the handheld bowls carved from the remnants of deceased trees by Trevor Miller, this exhibition invites us to see, feel, and live inspired among trees.

YMCA’s WWI exhibit extended through March 25

The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) stepped up to serve during World War I. When the United States declared war on Germany April 6, 1917, John Mott, the General Secretary of the American YMCA, immediately volunteered the organization’s services. Those in the YMCA began to work with the troops in accord with the YMCA’s philosophy of equally developing Body, Mind, and Spirit.
History for the Future exhibit

History for the Future

"History for the Future" frames mutual aid as a response to the ongoing crises of dispossession, slavery, and racial capitalism. This ongoing series of free public programs and temporary exhibitions which bring local histories of radical community care in conversation with the practices and goals of mutual aid organizing today. "History for the Future" is on display in the basement of Wilson Library through May 11, 2022.
Exhibit flier for Documenting a Reckoning

Documenting a Reckoning

The Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication is honored to present Documenting a Reckoning: The Murder of George Floyd, a photography exhibit on display through March 4, 2022, at the Elmer L. Andersen...
Relief for War Victims during WW 2 poster

The YMCA and Relief for War Victims during WWI

This exhibition explores these courageous actors and the significant aid they provided to the armies and civilians of both the Central and Allied Powers, and is made possible through the recent acquisition of the personal papers of Rev. Walter Teeuwissen, a YMCA Chaplain who served Austrian-Hungarian war prisoners in Siberia. Exhibit runs through March 25, 2022 at Elmer L. Andersen Library, 1st Floor Main Gallery
Art by Rachel Breen

Nothing New

Local Minnesota artists, Rachel Breen and Tracy Krumm, share an exhibition of new work that originates from nothing new. Using materials at hand, gifted, salvaged, or grown, Breen and Krumm exemplify process and reiteration with textiles that are symbolic meditations on social critique, the politics of labor, and the inevitable question of beauty invoked by the mere essence of material. The exhibit is open Sept. 30 to Dec. 30, 2021 at the Architecture & Landscape Architecture Library in 210 Rapson Hall.

The promise of trees

Trees and their fruits have taken over the display cases in the Andersen Horticultural Library and Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Visitor’s Center to illustrate "Turning over a New Leaf." The exhibit, co-curated by Andersen Librarian Kathy Allen and Library Assistant Adrienne Alms, accords with the Arboretum’s theme for this summer — the Season of Trees. The exhibit runs through Oct. 31 at the Andersen Horticultural Library, open Tuesday-Friday, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. on the grounds of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.
Image for the exhibit The Mississippi Bubble: John Law and the Collapse of the French Economy, 1718–1720

The Mississippi Bubble: John Law and the Collapse of the French Economy, 1718–1720

Here is the story of one of the earliest economic “bubbles” — a lesson in “if it's too good to be true, it probably is” that continues to resonate today. September 14, 2020 through January 8, 2021
Marketing image for 2019-2020 First Fridays series “Animals in the Archives”

Roaring Good Tales: Animals in the Archive

This exhibit features selections from First Fridays' 2019-2020 season — “Animals in the Archives” — where we explored the wild side of history. August 3 through December 31, 2020.
Image for the exhibit THERE IS ANOTHER SYSTEM: Cybernetics of the Cold War

THERE IS ANOTHER SYSTEM: Cybernetics of the Cold War

Since the late 1950s, states and corporations have utilized the various philosophies and applications of cybernetics to control and command the most basic data that underpin society. This exhibit will investigate the political and economic implications, and cultural representations of cybernetics. July 13, 2020 through November 13, 2020
Political illustration from the exhibit

Politics of Humor, Humor of Politics: Comics, Graphics, and Illustration From the 18th Century...

This exhibit features the work of cartoonists, illustrators, and graphic artists who unabashedly address political topics relevant to the concerns of the people. March 27, 2020 through August 14, 2020.
Image of Uncle Sam

The YMCA and Relief for War Victims During WWI

The YMCA deployed 25,926 men and women at home and abroad in the trenches, training camps, leave areas, and prisoner-of-war camps during World War I. This exhibition explores these courageous actors and the significant aid they provided to the armies and civilians of both the Central and Allied Powers. March 23 through June 26, 2020.
Nature Heals display in Wilson Library

Nature Heals

The Nature Heals display is a "dose of nature" to restore and refresh your overall well being. The display is a collaboration with the University of Minnesota Libraries, Landscape Arboretum, and Bakken Center for Spirituality and Healing.
Image from rare book with ornate initial letter

Initial Impressions

In conjunction with the exhibition Initial Impressions: Renaissance Type and the Grammar of Ornament at the University of Minnesota's Goldstein Museum of Design, the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine will exhibit additional works by Geoffroy Tory and Hans Holbein.
Marsh wren

Flights of Fantasy — extended through Oct. 31

This fanciful exhibition of ceramic works features a flock of Minnesota birds in their habitats, playfully interpreted in abstract compositions by award-winning artist Susan Feigenbaum. The exhibit is open February 5 – Oct. 31, 2020 at the Andersen Horticultural Library at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. The library is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

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