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Data is the new oil

 By Wendy Pradt Lougee Big Data is prominent in the news these days. The marketing spin that “data is the new oil” has been used...

Notable Acquisitions 2013-2014

1045 Washburn Avenue North Collection  NORTHWEST ARCHITECTURAL ARCHIVES The 1045 Washburn Avenue North Collection includes a group of plans and other materials on a house that...

Bridging disciplines on the path to new discoveries

Since joining the Libraries in 2013, Justin Schell has been working with other staff to advance the Digital Arts Sciences + Humanities (DASH) initiative. DASH’s foundation is based in the broadly scoped and growing field of digital humanities.
Dr. Ezgi Tiryaki and Jonathan Koffel

Koffel plays key role in patient care

Over the last three years, Jonothan Koffel’s work has exemplified how health sciences librarians can be successful contributors to the patient-care team. At morning report, for example, Koffel works with the residents to provide evidence as they seek answers to their clinical questions.

‘Contested Spaces’ is theme of 2014-2015 First Fridays

"Contested Spaces: Power in the Archives" is the theme of this year's First Fridays series of presentations. Curators, archivists, and scholars from the University...

Primo primary sources

Three new digital collections acquired this summer by the University of Minnesota Libraries offer rich fodder for anyone seeking to learn about World War I, the Victorian era, and the American West. For students doing class projects or research papers, this treasure trove of primary source material will help them learn first-hand about these subjects.

Check out our health librarians at the State Fair

Health librarians from the University of Minnesota Libraries will hold two special events this Friday, August 22, at the Minnesota State Fair. If you're...

Preserving Data for Future Research

The University of Minnesota Libraries are developing a data curation service that will help ensure public access of research data.

Hands-On Anatomy

by Rachel Hawkins While 3D images can be excellent tools for enhancing your human anatomy studies, sometimes there is nothing more powerful than holding an...

‘Read This Book!’ – Books turned into movies

Kaia Sievert, University of Minnesota Libraries, discusses books that are being turned into movies, in this episode of "Read This Book!" The books recommended by Sievert include: “Gone Girl” By Gillian Flynn, “In the Heart of the Sea” By Nathaniel Philbrick, “The Hobbit” By J.R.R. Tolkien, “The Jungle Book” By Rudyard Kipling, and “Unbroken” By Laura Hillenbrand.

The Power of UThink

UThink quickly became the largest academic blogging site in North America. In the past decade, people created 18,167 blog sites on UThink, writing over 425,000 entries. Now slated to be retired at the end of June 2015, the UThink platform has well served the University of Minnesota and has far exceeded the expectations of Shane Nackerud, who devised and developed the system that is driven by Movable Type.

Primary Sourcery, Kirschner Collection blogs now on continuum

Dear Friends, We are writing to welcome you to the new home of Primary Sourcery and the Kirschner Cookbook Collection blogs. These blogs have joined...

‘Read This Book!’ – Space

In this installment of "Read This Book!" science librarian Carolyn Rauber recommends books about space. They are: "Rocket Girl" By George D. Morgan; "An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth" By Col. Chris Hadfield; "The Seven Secrets of How to Think Like a Rocket Scientist" By Jim Longuski; and "Space Odyssey: The First Forty Years of Space Exploration" By Serge Brunier.
Dear Committee Members by Julie Schumacher book cover

Schumacher puts the ‘pissed’ back in ‘epistolary’

"Dear Committee Members:" Author reading by Julie Schumacher with reception. This event will be held September 3, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., at Elmer L. Andersen Library, University of Minnesota west bank campus.

New Publication Uses Archived Art

by Caitlin Marineau, Assistant Curator Children's Literature Research Collections  One of the lesser-known roles of the Children's Literature Research Collections (CLRC) is loaning materials to...