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Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality vs Internet Freedom

Net Neutrality is the topic of this installment of the University Libraries' "A Matter of Facts." On July 12, we saw a huge online protest from hundreds of technology companies against the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) plan to change regulations around internet service. The FCC is currently accepting comments on topic, through Monday, July 17. This post will help you navigate the flow of information, provide you with links to publicly available information, and point you to University of Minnesota Libraries resources to guide your understanding of internet regulation.

Unwrapping a new medical receipt book at the Wangensteen Historical Library

Receiving a new acquisition is like opening a much-anticipated present. Earlier this year, the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine purchased a French manuscript recipe book written in the 1770s. Watch as Curators Lois Hendrickson and Emily Beck - along with their colleague, French historian Margaret Carlyle - open the book for the first time and rediscover informative content and hidden treasures.
Front row, from left: Amy Nixon, Yumiko Toyota-Kindler, Adam Johnson; Second row: Stacie Traill and Beth Wolszon; Back row: John Halvorson, Christopher Koehler, and Sunshine Carter.

Behind the scenes of search

Sunshine Carter, Electronic Resources Librarian, and Stacie Traill, Metadata Analyst, at the University of Minnesota Libraries lead efforts to improve the Libraries’ ability to respond promptly and effectively to access issues related to the Libraries' 114,000 online subscriptions to journal articles, book chapters, and other electronic materials.
Presentation From Beyond Our Borders with librarian Katherine Chew

Bio-Medical Library expands outreach through community partnerships

Outreach Librarian Katherine Chew stepped off campus earlier this month to provide training on health information resources to public librarians. The topics of her training sessions: providing health information to foreign-born populations and to older adults.
U.S. Capitol with ambulances in the foreground.

Primer: Health care reform

The Senate Republican leadership recently released a draft of a proposed health care reform bill. It has generated a lot of discussion and analysis in the media and pundits are prognosticating a vote soon. The bill would repeal and replace the existing Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare. This post will help you navigate the flow of information and point you to University of Minnesota Libraries resources and provide you with links to publicly available information to guide your understanding of the law and its ramifications.
Ryan Mattke and Rich Strongvideo

Mapping the lost waterways of the Twin Cities

The University of Minnesota's Center for Sustainable Building Research worked closely with the University Libraries on a project to map the lost waterways of the Twin Cities, with an overarching goal to enhance research into making buildings more sustainable. The Center's team, led by Professor Richard Graves and Senior Researcher Rich Strong, worked closely with Ryan Mattke, Head of the John R. Borchert Map Library at the University of Minnesota. The project was one of seven that were part of Research Sprints, an intensive four-day, project-driven program that paired U of M faculty and researchers with teams of librarians and archivists at the University of Minnesota Libraries.
photo of Brain showing hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease (plaques in blue)

Resources for understanding Alzheimer’s Disease

June is Alzheimer's Disease and Brain Awareness month. Raising awareness about Alzheimer’s Disease, the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, is a public health priority.
Emily Riha, Copyright Permissions Coordinator at the University of Minnesota Libraries.

What Drives Emily Riha

Emily Riha is driven to negotiate the fairest price on course materials for students and faculty. As Copyright Permissions Coordinator, Riha acts as a broker on behalf of students and researchers at the University of Minnesota. She obtains use rights to copyrighted materials so that they can be used for class readings and in publications. She strives to advocate for the University of Minnesota and obtain the best possible price.
U of M Radio On Your Historic Dial with retro radio icon

Of Poets and Podcasts

This installment U of M Radio On Your Historic Dial features Margeret Hasse on the KUOM program Minnesota Issues in her role as Executive Director for the Minnesota Alliance for Arts in Education. The year was 1984 and plans were underway for the establishment of an arts high school in Minnesota. Governor Rudy Perpich had implemented a task force to conduct a feasibility study for the establishment of the school. Can you guess what school this would become? That’s right, Minnesota was already laying the groundwork for the Perpich Center for Arts Education that operates today in Golden Valley. Not everyone was in favor of establishing a school that would centralize funding for arts education in the state. Margaret Hasse and the Minnesota Alliance for Arts in Education had concerns about the establishment of the school.
Striated (Skeletal) Muscle in Blue #1.

Inside Out – A Body of Work

The Bio-Medical Library is pleased to host Inside Out - A Body of Work by artist Sarah Schneemann as the next installment in its rotating Art@Bio-Med exhibition series. In this exhibit, Schneemann shares her artwork that depicts her fascination with the resilient human body and its awe-inspiring sustainability.

How I Work: Bryan Karban

Exercise, to-do lists, Google Docs, large blue bags from Ikea, and Petzl headlamps are some of Bryan Karban's favorite tools for making his life more efficient. Karban is the Climbing and Trips Coordinator for the University of Minnesota Outdoor Program.
Data Seal of Approval

DRUM receives Data Seal of Approval

The Data Repository for University of Minnesota (DRUM) has been awarded the Data Seal of Approval (DSA) from an international group of digital data repositories. The DSA was established by a number of institutions committed to the long-term archiving of research data. The seal recognizes that DRUM is a trustworthy source of data.
Alicia Kubas

Resources for understanding the Paris Climate Accord

President Trump revealed his decision to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, or Paris Agreement, on June 1, 2017. The agreement strives to reduce climate change among nations and was put into place by President Obama in 2015 as an executive act. If you have questions about what this decision means in practice or where you can go for additional information, we can help you by providing additional information and links to online resources.
Entryway mural designed by Darren Terpstra.

Bio-Medical Library prepares for updated entryway

This summer, the doors of the Bio-Medical Library will take on a brand new look as the library installs an updated entryway. This update will feature an accent wall that promotes library activities, a seating area for community gathering, and a floor-to-ceiling wall mural with images depicting current health sciences practice and iconic images from the history of medicine.

Nordic cooking and cookbooks

Nordic cookbooks was the subject of this installment of Read This Book! from the University of Minnesota Libraries, hosted by Lisa Von Drasek and featuring Megan Kocher.