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How I Work: Katherine Gerwig and Kate Peterson

Working on behalf of all of the library staff, Kate Peterson and and Katherine Gerwig coordinate the Libraries' presence at many events during Orientation and Welcome Week. They work closely with Orientation and Transition Experiences and other campus offices such as the University Bookstores and the Institute on the Environment to connect events with library spaces and relevant initiatives and services.
Brochure for the University High School.

University high school

University High School was established at the University of Minnesota by the Board of Regents in 1908. This year is the 50th reunion of the final graduating class of the University of Minnesota's University High School.
Shanda Hunt discusses project with Research Sprints team.

Librarian ‘Dream Team’ collaborates to create Free Access Public Health website

Elizabeth Wattenberg, Ph.D., is training students at Hanoi Medical University in Vietnam who seek to integrate public health practices into their work. Wattenberg joined with the Libraries to create the “Free Access Public Health” website, providing one-stop access to vetted resources that can support public health students and practitioners wherever they call home.
A First One, Watercolor on Paper, 11x8, 2016


The Bio-Medical Library is pleased to announce the latest installment in its rotating Art@Bio-Med series: Mindset by interdisciplinary artist Jes Reyes.
Students in Donut Test for the website

Libraries launches refreshed homepage

The University Libraries will launch its "refreshed" homepage on its website August 6. While this is not a massive redesign, we are moving more tools higher on the page and have added some new content that users expect to find — including study spaces and events.

‘Dread Nation’ reviewed by Von Drasek

Dread Nation — a New York Times bestseller — is at once provocative, terrifying, and darkly subversive. Written by Justina Ireland, Dread Nation represents a stunning vision of an America both foreign and familiar — a country on the brink, at the explosive crossroads where race, humanity, and survival meet. University of Minnesota librarian, Lisa Von Drasek, reviews Dread Nation in this installment of Read This Book!, hosted by Alicia Kubas.
The Evolution of Affordable Content book cover

Libraries’ e-book provides inspiration, guidance for creating affordable content

A recently published e-book — "The Evolution of Affordable Content Efforts in the Higher Education Environment": Programs, Case Studies, and Examples — provides inspiration and guidance for those working to create affordable content options for college students.
Creamy the hen being held with one hand under her chest so that her feet dangling in the air to show off her pink prosthetic foot. There is green foliage in the background.

Creamy the hen and her 3D printed foot

Creamy the hen fell on hard times after losing her foot this past winter. Thanks to her loving owners and the Makerspace at the Bio-Medical library, she has a new foot and a chance for a happier and healthier life!
Institute attendee Aman Kaur at the Minnesota Institute Opening Dinner.

MN Institute: Building a more diverse library workforce

Last week, 26 library professionals from across the United States and Canada participated in the University Libraries’ “Minnesota Institute for Early Career Librarians from Traditionally Under-Represented Groups.” A broad goal of the institute is to change the status quo — to build more diverse leadership for academic libraries.
The James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History on Church Street, Minneapolis, 1940.

The modern Bell Museum

The modern Bell Museum will play an indispensable part in the formal education and the enlightenment of the people of Minnesota and beyond. My first introduction to this museum was as a student. Fortuitously, the Bell continued my museum studies as an archivist. I’m excited to further my education as a member and visitor for many more years to come.

The Best from Pen and Press: Exhibit sneak peek

Take a sneak video peek at our current exhibit at Elmer L. Andersen Library: The Best from Pen and Press, which includes 3,000-year-old cuneiform tablets, a 16th century "Remembrancer Scroll," and much more. The materials come from the James Ford Bell Library, the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine, and the University Libraries' Rare Book collections.
Malaika Grant

Oxford English Dictionary calls on U librarian for help

English librarian Malaika Grant often receives questions from students and researchers that take her to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) for answers. Recently, the OED reached out to her, as they were trying to uncover the first use of the term "follically challenged" in print. Turns out it may be a Minnesota publication associated with Twin Cities Public Television.
Librarians involved in Research Sprints in the Wilson Studio

Research Sprints help projects hit the ground running

Research Sprints pair faculty members with a team of expert librarians to collaborate either on a specific research or teaching project or one part of a broader project. The program is based on a model devised by the University of Kansas, which the U of M adopted in 2017.
Cartoon sun wearing sunglasses, sipping water and with sunscreen

Summertime safety guide: Brought to you by the Bio-Medical Library

Summer is finally upon us in Minnesota! We encourage you all to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, and we hope you stay safe and healthy as you do so! Here are some trusted health information resources that will help you avoid sunburn, heat-related illness, food poisoning, firework injury and more!
Student completing written assignment during the Summer Athletic and Immersive Learning program

Local middle schoolers visit U for sports, History Day project

A group of smart and driven eighth-grade students from Minneapolis and St. Paul worked on group research projects at Wilson Library last week. The students came to the Libraries as part of the Minnesota Historical Society’s Summer Athletic and Immersive Learning program, designed to help students prepare themselves for college both physically and mentally.