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Digital Exhibits: Balloons Over Broadway

Melissa Sweet donated all of the original art, her research notes, the process art, manuscripts, and revisions from her award winning book Balloons Over...
A wall covered in Post-It Notes with comments from exhibit viewers.

An archivist’s reflections on the success of ‘A Campus Divided’

By the time the exhibit went up in August, the topic had been with us for three years and I had completely lost perspective. Would anyone else find A Campus Divided interesting? We had built it, would they come? It turned out that attention for the A Campus Divided was beyond anything we had experienced before, as thousands of people flocked to Andersen Library to view the exhibit.

330 students took part in Gopherbaloo

Nearly 330 students from grade 6-12 attended Gopherbaloo 2018 at Wilson Library January 13. The annual event is part of National History Day MN.
Valerie Caesar

Artists take up residence in Libraries

A new residency program at the University of Minnesota Libraries aims to highlight historical collections to create new art, deepen connections between artists and archivists, and deliver art to larger audiences.
Email from Bly to Tranströmer about Airmail book.

Cascades of letters: Correspondence in the Robert Bly Papers

Letters written to and from Robert Bly speak volumes about Bly’s impact — not only as a writer but as a figure in the landscape of local and national literature. Though his poetry and essays are examples of how he presented himself to the public, his correspondence offers a more private perspective. These letters are available from our Upper Midwest Literary Archives.

2018 Kerlan Award: Jennifer Holm and Matthew Holm

Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm will be accepting the 43rd Annual Kerlan Award on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 . About the Kerlan Award The Kerlan Award is given annually by...
The pill balances on the tip of the tongue but does not enter, illustrating that while the physical act of taking medication is easy, it is often psychologically challenging.” - Sam Larom, Pill, Oil on Canvas

To really see: Exploring the medication taking experience through art

"To really see: Exploring the medication taking experience through art," presented by Avivo ArtWorks, is the latest installment of the Bio-Medical Library's rotating Art@Bio-Med exhibit series. "To Really See" uses art to help individuals tell their stories about taking medication and how medications have impacted their lives. The exhibit works to raise awareness and challenge stigma related to the medication-taking experience.
Premodern Food Potluck

Potluck explores the history of premodern food

It turns out that a potluck is a perfect way for ending a semester of discussion on the history of premodern food. The Premodern Food Laboratory - a part of the Consortium for the Study of the Premodern World - visited the Wangensteen Historical Library to examine handwritten recipe books and share homemade historical recipes.

Weathering winter throughout history

As Minnesotans, we are experts at weathering winter weather, though we are not the first to marvel about the cold and ice. Here are some excerpts from the Wangensteen Historical Library’s collection that illustrate early thoughts about thermometers, the polar bear plunge, and frozen fish.

Hidden beauty in ordinary books: Part 2

Our previous blog post talked about the history and the process of creating marbled paper to use as endsheets or covers for books. Today, we’re going to explore some of the myriad patterns that can be created using the marbling process. All of the examples below are from books in the University of Minnesota Libraries' general collections!  
Megan Kocher and Lisa Von Drasek on Read This Book - Books to Give 2017

Books to Give 2017

Five University of Minnesota librarians and archivists recently joined Read This Book host Lisa Von Drasek to make recommendations for books to give this holiday season.  Still shopping? Then pay attention!
“Health Pays Dividends” YMCA Public Health Campaign, circa 1916. Credit: Kautz Family YMCA Archives,P846

Now Online! Records of YMCA work in China

Significant portions of the records of YMCA international work in China — one of the richest and most heavily used collections at the Libraries' Kautz Family YMCA Archives — is now freely available online.
Representatives from Christie's examine the Bell Library's print of the Waldseemüller map

Bell Library map sheds light on authenticity of new discovery

A December 10 New York Times article has called into question the authenticity of a previously unknown fifth original of the rarest of documents — a 510-year-old map that first used the word "America." The University of Minnesota's James Ford Bell Library is holder of one of the other four copies by famed German cartographer Martin Waldseemüller. Christie's recently visited the Bell to compare its find with the real deal.

Understanding Jerusalem issue in light of President’s announcement

President Donald Trump recently announced that the United States will officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The president also plans to relocate the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. We’ve gathered some resources to help you learn more about this new development and about the long-standing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

A Clinic That’s For the Birds

On this installment of "U of M Radio on your Historic Dial," we’ll travel to the St. Paul campus to "A Clinic That’s for the Birds" – which also happens to be the title of the December 8, 1977 episode of Look What We Found.  If you haven’t yet deciphered the title of the broadcast, we are going on an audio tour of the Raptor Center.  The Raptor Center is a research and rehabilitation center for birds of prey which today cares for approximately 800 ill and injured raptors each year.