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A fertile collection

Landscape designers, Arboretum event planners, educators, nature lovers, and gardeners turn regularly to the Andersen Horticultural Library for its wealth of resources. The collection and archive perfectly align with the diverse offerings at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, helping its staff and visitors make the most of the flowers, plants, trees, wildlife, and grounds spread over 1,200 acres.
Recipe book (Wangensteen Historical Library)

Curator sparks re-discovery of 18th century spirits

The research of the Libraries’ Emily Beck — garnered from historical materials at the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine — serves as the foundation for an interactive publication and two upcoming and unique events at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Tattersall Distilling.
Librarians Shannon Farrell and Meghan Lafferty with CSP Managing Director Laura Seifert, and grad student Ingrid Haugan

Data sharing doesn’t have to be intimidating

Every day, teams of scientists gather massive amounts of new information as they pursue their research. By sharing data with other researchers, a scientist can help increase the speed and decrease the cost of advancing knowledge. But before researchers can share their data, they need to have a plan in place. The University Libraries can help by working with researchers to set up procedures that support data sharing.

A Matter of Facts: Government Shutdown

Americans have become more familiar with federal government shutdowns in the past year. We’ve experienced three shutdowns in 2018/2019 for a combined total of 17 days and counting, and no one can forget the 16-day shutdown in 2013. What makes the current shutdown different is that it’s a partial shutdown with only 25 percent of the federal government going unfunded. This blog post provides information and resources for better understanding the issues related to the shutdown.
Wendy Lougee

Lougee announces retirement plans

Wendy Pradt Lougee — University Librarian, Dean of Libraries, and McKnight Presidential Professor — has announced her plans to retire later this year, after a successor is appointed. Lougee has led the University Libraries since June 2002 — overseeing and directing innovations that kept the Libraries in front of the immense and rapid transformation in how information is disseminated, consumed, and shared.
YMCA World War I volunteer Punch Card

Decoding history

In all, 25,926 men and women served during World War I with the YMCA — in the United States and globally — caring for the mental, spiritual, and physical needs of the troops. Each person had a punch card laden with data, including name, gender, age, marital status, and more. The cards, part of the U's YMCA Archives, are being decoded through Zooinverse, a crowdsourcing platform, and they are a potential treasure trove for researchers.

Free ebooks for all Minnesotans!

Here's a New Year's Resolution for you: Read all of the books you can — and keep them as long as you want! You can find them at Ebooks Minnesota, a service from Minitex at the University of Minnesota. In this episode, Zach Miller talks about the benefits of Ebooks Minnesota — and plugs one of his favorite children's books, "What To Do With a Box."
The Green Man mural, painted on the wall in Wilson Library, as glimpsed by looking through the stacks..

Wilson Library’s ‘Green Man’ turns 50

In December 1968, two U of M students brought a bucket of green paint into Wilson Library and started painting on one of the walls. When asked to explain their actions, the students presented a forged work order, and said they were “just doing what they were told.” No one stopped them from completing their unauthorized mural — and 50 years later, it's still here!

Two books for Sherlock Holmes fans

Sherlock Holmes expert Tim Johnson recommends two books to give to Sherlock Holmes fans: About Sixty: Why Every Sherlock Holmes Story is the Best, and About Being a Sherlockian, both edited by Christopher Redmond. Johnson was a guest on Read This Book!, produced by the University of Minnesota Libraries and hosted by the U's Lisa Von Drasek.

Thumbs up to ‘American Music’

Music Librarian Jessica Abbazio recommends "American Music" by Annie Leibovitz as a book to give as a gift on this installment of Read This Book from the University of Minnesota Libraries.
Betsy Friesen, Daniel McCarthy-Clifford, and Boris Oicherman

Exhibit highlights banned prison books

Daniel McCarthy Clifford — an artist in residence at Weisman Art Museum’s Target Studio for Creative Collaboration — is raising awareness about the seemingly arbitrary method employed by prisons to keep books out of the hands of inmates. He's doing so by way of an exhibit at the Weisman, called "The Section of Disapproved Books." The University Libraries was a key contributor to the exhibit, which is curated by Weisman’s Boris Oicherman.
Photo of three images from 21st Editions collection.

Libraries adds 21st Editions collection

Recently, the University Libraries acquired the entire 21st Editions collection — consisting of 63 volumes. The company has published beautiful and unique handmade books that combine photography with literature and poetry. The acquisition also includes the firm’s archives — process prints with notes from the artist or the publisher, sketches, correspondence, and production notes.
The 1927 Report of the Comptroller featured a detailed outline of the University’s General Accounting System, including a description of how tabulating or punch cards are used.

The Power of the Punch Card (and the Punch Card Operator)

Machines and people have been working together for decades, perhaps more than you had thought, to keep University information technology systems running. The people operating punch card and tabulating machines, the majority of whom were women, most likely did not see their role as one of managing information technology.
Microwave Turkey

Microwave a turkey the library way

You might have seen a prank going around about cooking a 25-pound turkey in a microwave. It seems like a bad idea but we’re a group of curious, food-motivated librarians and we thought… can it be done? Here's what we found.

Local news outlets feature Libraries’ World War I collections

The Libraries’ vast collection of World War I materials was featured recently in several local media outlets, as the world commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Armistice on November 11.