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UMN student, Anish, at the Undergrad Research Symposium

Fresh research, new insights

Undergraduate researchers displayed their techniques, knowledge, and connections to the Libraries’ website and expertise on April 13 in the Great Hall.

Campus Exploration Fair 2021

From learning about databases and special collections to being introduced to popular reading selections and Breakerspace activities, incoming students jumped on the fast track to powering curiosity, discovery, and connection through the Libraries at the Campus Exploration Fair.
Person in canoe gathering water samples in a lake.

Surfacing the Water Network

The University’s Water Network is virtual, a response to the need seen by the already established Water Council to provide new ways for researchers to connect, particularly during the pandemic. The Libraries collaborated — through its expertise and resources — was key to making it happen. It’s “a ‘gather around the water cooler’ sort of thing for people all around the system who are engaged in research around water,” says Jan Fransen, the Libraries Service Lead for Research Information Management Systems, who was a member of the working group who developed the Water Network.

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