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three Minnesota cookie books

Fresh from the Libraries: Home-baked for the holidays

Baking cookies for the winter holidays warms us twice, once with the heat from the oven and secondly with the cheerful feelings from those tasting the sweet treats. We asked baker and librarian Megan Kocher, the curator of the Doris Kirschner Cookbook Collection in Magrath Library, for her favorite cookie cookbooks for the holidays. Each of her three favorites is grounded in Minnesota and can be found in the Kirschner Collection.
Cheesy Pretzels

Our historical take on football snacks

As the Twin Cities prepares for the 2018 NFL championship game many locals are busily planning their party menus. We’re taking an old approach to current favorites with some historical recipes that are ready for a comeback: chicken wings, cheese straws, pretzels, and bacon-wrapped shrimp. 
A Book of Middle Eastern Food

Cooking in Season: Broccoli and Cabbage!

This is our last farmers market post of the season and we've got two recipes that make use of late fall brassicas -- broccoli...
Ripe cookbook

Cooking in Season: (More) Apples and New Potatoes

It's time for thefarmers market again and full-on apple season has arrived! Also, we've got a recipe for those tender little new potatoes. Enjoy! Cheese...
tomato cook book

Cooking in Season: Tomatoes and Apples

This week I've picked out two recipes that celebrate the height of summer (tomatoes) and the beginning signs of fall (apples). And since today...

Cooking in Season: Sweet Corn and Kohlrabi

It's August and we have nearly reached peak vegetable time at the farmers markets! Sweet corn just started showing up a couple weeks ago so I dug up a new, interesting way to use it. I'm also featuring a recipe from a book that is brand new to our collection — V is for Vegetable.
Beet-Pickled Eggs Photo

Cooking in Season: Peas and Beets

The Libraries are back at the farmers market this week and we've got two new recipes for you featuring two of my favorite vegetables — peas and beets! Yum!

Cooking In Season: Blueberries & Zucchini

It's summer on campus which means that the Minnesota Farmers Market is back. The University of Minnesota Libraries will be hosting pop-up libraries at the...
Recipe table at Welcome Week

Welcome Back + Peanut Sauce!

Today is the first day of classes at the University of Minnesota and I'm so glad to have all of the students back on...

14 Days of Pi(e): Boston Cream Pi

Happy Pi(e) Day!! The day we've been waiting for is finally here! I hope that you have a day full of desserts, pastries, and geometry...

14 Days of Pi(e): Fresh Peach Pie

Tomorrow is the big day! If you're scrambling for ideas, trivia, etc. for your pi(e) party, has some good information (and pi sightings!) I only...

14 Days of Pi(e): Larrigan Pie

For today's pie, I dug up something a little different. "Larrigan" literally translates to "moccasin," but larrigan pie is not made from shoes, it's...

14 Days of Pi(e): Sweet Potato Pie with a Gingerbread Crust and Bourbon Whipped...

Today I'm sharing a beautiful recipe from a beautiful cookbook. It's sweet, has whiskey in it, and is made of vegetables. Yum. Sweet Potato Pie...

14 Days of Pi(e): Bacon and Onion Pie

Today, Modern Farmer -- one of our favorite periodicals here at Magrath Library -- is kicking off Pig Week. And what better way to celebrate the convergence...

14 Days of Pi(e): Rhubarb Strawberry Dessert Pie

This pie has four delicious layers (not including the crust): rhubarb, cream cheese, strawberry, and meringue. But really, it had me at "cream cheese...

14 Days of Pi(e): Pizza!

It's Saturday and one of my favorite weekend activities is making pizza. If you like to make your own pizza, I highly recommend reading...

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