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Floating Marsh-marigold and Purple Loosestrife

History of Medicine Inspires Art

From rare books to drawings and documents, the Wangensteen collection of nearly 70,000 volumes from the 15th to 20th centuries fuels the imaginations of artists who share a collective interest in biology and a passion for digging through old material to find just the right image or phrase to influence their creative work.
Shark from Nicolaus Stenonis

Wangensteen Library Takes a Bite out of Shark Week

It’s #sharkweek2015 and the University of Minnesota's Wangensteen Library is geared up to celebrate with a few hand-picked resources from its collection, including an image from a copy of Nicolaus Stenonis’ “Elementorum myologiae specimen” (1667).
Wangensteen exhibit photo

Bodies and Spirits

From 16th-century recipes to Louis Pasteur’s groundbreaking microbial investigations of fermentation, this exhibit explores the historical health and medical relevance of beer, wine, spirits, and more.
Radiation Diva – Jill Stanton, by Barbara Porwit. 43" x 36" Oil on canvas, 2013. (Photo by Doug Webb)

Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project

Inspired by close friends undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Barbara Porwit saw women turning health challenges into personal power. The concept for her Breast Cancer Superhero Project emerged. For this series of portraits, Porwit engages individuals in experiencing the power of positive emotions to affect a positive outcome.

Nursing Librarian Part of New Journal Development

Nursing Librarian Liz Weinfurter's collaborative work with the School of Nursing has drawn upon her detailed knowledge of journal content and structure and led to her being invited to serve as a partner in the development of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies (IJPS).

Koffel Publishes Systematic Review Research in PLoS ONE

Jonathan Koffel, Clinical Information Librarian at the Bio-Medical Library, has been busy completing research on the benefits of librarian involvement in the development of systematic reviews. His research findings have been published in the latest issue of PLoS ONE.

Sharing our findings

This week, University librarians will share their research with colleagues from around the country at a big meeting in Portland, Oregon for the Association of College and Research Library (ACRL) Bi-Annual Conference.
Vesalius Timeline

Tracing the development of modern anatomy

University Honors Student, Rachael Howard, has created a timeline that traces the development of modern anatomy. It traces historical and medical advances until current times within the context of Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564), considered by many to be the father of modern anatomy.
Jon Hallberg

Support growing for the MN Electronic Health Library

Many of our state's health providers, health professions educators, and librarians have come together to support the Minnesota Electronic Health Library (MeHL) and its goal of...

Blind Dates and Booking Matchmaking for February

This Valentine’s Day, we cordially invite you to take a blind date with a book, make your own valentine or get matched!  Blind Date To go...
Mary Clay and Steve Braun

Informatics specialist contributes to campus innovation

Steven Braun works at the Bio-Medical Library as the Informatics/Data Services Specialist. His unique skillset and innovative work have made a meaningful impact within the U's Academic Health Center.

Interlibrary Loan delivers the published world

by Rachel Hawkins The University of Minnesota Libraries strive to meet all of your research and scholarship needs.   While the collections in our 13 campus locations...
Stress Busters events at the Bio-Medical Library.

Finals at the Libraries: Studying 24/7 and Stress Busters

The University Libraries offers distraction-free studying for finals that includes extended library hours and stress-reducing activities. Use our spaces, our computers, our coffee shops, get help when you need it, and take a break with fun activities.
Liz Weinfurter

New and improved Instruction Services

By Erinn Aspinall Library instruction at the Bio-Medical Library has undergone an important transformation over the last few years. Gone are the days when stand-alone classes...
Image from MeHL website

Information for the health of Minnesota

by Erinn Aspinall A trip to the doctor can lead to unexpected news. One thing you might not expect to learn is that your doctor...
Dr. Ezgi Tiryaki and Jonathan Koffel

Koffel plays key role in patient care

Over the last three years, Jonothan Koffel’s work has exemplified how health sciences librarians can be successful contributors to the patient-care team. At morning report, for example, Koffel works with the residents to provide evidence as they seek answers to their clinical questions.

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