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Heidelberg students examine rare books in the Wangensteen Historical Library.

Libraries key role in international dentistry exchange

Hospitality to visitors from afar may include a gift bag of treats. For German students of dentistry from Heidelberg University, those treats included an introduction to the jaw-dropping high-tech in the Health Sciences Library and the history-rich learning environments in the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine.
Multimedia Specialist Charlie Heinz demonstrates the Libraries virtual reality software to College of Design students.

UMN student wins national award with Libraries’ help

University of Minnesota design student wins national award with help from the Libraries. The prize? A paid internship at the Kate Spade fashion house in New York City this summer. “Our students have the cutting edge skills that they need” because of the Libraries’ virtual reality studio, says Professor Juanjuan Wu.

Research Byte: *NEW* NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy

Beginning in January 2023, there will be new data management and sharing requirements when submitting grant funding applications to NIH. Start learning now about what you need to do to be in compliance.

Anatomy illustrated: Scientific images and the body at the Wangensteen Historical Library

“Anatomy Illustrated: Scientific Images and the Body” showcases some of the most important examples of the Wangensteen Historical Library’s vast collection of historical anatomical illustrations. Central to the exhibit are three of the collection’s flap anatomies, reproduced and made larger so that viewers can interact with them. View this exhibit now through September 2022.

Help us name our new male skeleton!

The Health Sciences Library has acquired a new male skeleton and we need your help in choosing a name.
Annie Henly and student mending shoes.

Old items bring new joy: Meet the Maker of the Month, Annie Henly

Meet Annie Henly, staff member from CDes who hosts Mending Mondays in the UMN Libraries every Monday during the semester. She teaches visitors to the Breakerspace how to mend their belongings and bring new life to old objects. Part of the Maker of the Month series by the Innovation and Experiential Learning Department in the University Libraries.

A simple way to spread joy: Meet Maker of the Month Hannah Sipe

Meet Hannah Sipe, guest maker in the Walter Library Breakerspace. She makes cards on the Cricut Maker as a way to cope with her pain from a traumatic brain injury, and will be visiting the UMN Libraries to teach students how to make cards just like hers. Part of the Maker of the Month series by the Innovation and Experiential Learning Department in the University Libraries.
Robert G McKinnell with wife Bev and Japanese award.

Long-life learner

Call him Dr. McKinnell, if you like, or Dr. Bob, if you know him well. Or, if you are Japanese, you could call him ロバート G. マッキンネル (pronounced Robāto G. Makkinneru in spoken Japanese). That’s the name on the award plaque behind him, which he received from a member of the Japanese Imperial Family, His Imperial Highness Prince Masahito. His character, commitment, and caring foster deep feelings among colleagues.

Students take library equipment to new heights

There’s nothing like a mid-winter Minnesota sunset! That’s what Felipe Galindo shows us with his 360 Sunset Flight over the University of Minnesota. A second-year College of Science & Engineering student majoring in computer science, Felipe recorded the video using a Insta360 One X2 camera he could check out from the library, mounted on a drone with a device he designed himself.

She wears it well

Erinn Aspinall, MSI, was named Director of the Health Sciences Libraries in December 2021. “While she still was the Interim Director, Erinn promoted and realized her vision for the future of our Health Sciences Library, as well as demonstrating her skills as a leader of a group of highly skilled experts,” says Lisa German, University Librarian and Dean of the Libraries.

Join us on a public health treasure tour at the Wangensteen Historical Library!

Join us on a treasure tour of the Wangensteen Historical Library as curators Lois Hendrickson and Emily Beck share some selected items with Shanda Hunt, MPH, liaison librarian to the School of Public Health.

Anna Opryszko joins the Wangensteen Historical Library as a Public Services Supervisor

Anna Opryszko has joined the Wangensteen Historical Library as the Public Services Supervisor. In this role, Anna will advance our work to create a welcoming space for researchers, students, and visitors alike.
Scott Spicer, Charlie Heinz, Cassie

Media savvy

Facilitating reaching audiences with audio-visual media is one of the lesser-known resources that the Libraries provides to students — and Jamie Stang, Associate Professor in Public Health, is glad to introduce her students to it. “Without them, I don’t think it would work. It’s a full-on partnership.”
Students examining rare books

Top 10 Health Sciences Libraries stories of 2021

We’re celebrating 2021 with a look back at our favorite stories of the year that feature the innovative, impactful, and even unexpected work of...
NEXUS students learn block printing in Wangensteen

Honors students at the center of NEXUS

In the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine, Curator Lois Hendrickson and Assistant Curator Emily Beck have introduced two sections of first-year honors students to experiential learning activities. But their most important contribution may be creating a space for community to develop.
Librarian Carolyn Bishoff gives 3D printing tips to student Changye Li in the Health Sciences Library Makerspace.

Intro to 3D printing

In the 3D Printing for Beginners workshop at the Health Sciences Library's Makerspace, Librarian Carolyn Bishoff helps students learn the basics.

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