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Several students standing and examining rare books placed on long tables.

Top 10 Health Sciences Libraries stories of 2022

We’re celebrating 2022 with a look back at our favorite stories of the year that feature the innovative, impactful, fun, and purpose-filled work at the Health Sciences Library and the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine. 
Black and white photo of 8 people surrounding a table looking at cards in a card catalog.

Celebrating the Health Sciences Libraries from 1892 to 2022

The Health Sciences Library and the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine are known as collaborative partners in the interprofessional Health Sciences Education Center, but the roots of the Health Sciences Libraries started 130 years ago. Enjoy this photo history that spans the 1892 collections funding from the Board of Regents to our 2022 expertise and resources that advance the research and education needs of today’s health professionals!
Dozens of brightly colored boxes that contain pharmaceutical products are on a table covered by a blue-quilted cloth. Anna Shepherd's blue-gloved hand is seen pointing at a box on the table.

Wangensteen Library receives Cultural Heritage Grant

The University of Minnesota's Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine has been awarded a Minnesota Historical & Cultural Heritage grant in the amount of $103,162. The funding will be used to provide “Access to Historical Healthcare Artifacts” currently in the Wangensteen collections but not yet available via its online catalog.
A book showing a large snake is shown at the 2022 Wangensteen Historical Library's Halloween pop-up exhibit.

Halloween @ Wangensteen 2022

Let's take a look back at the Halloween @ Wangensteen 2022 pop up exhibit. See some spooky images from the collection and look back at the fun!
Poster promoting the Wangensteen's anatomy pop up exhibit

Pop up exhibit: Bodies and anatomy

The Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine will be showcasing some of the most famous images in the history of anatomy on November 18, 12-1:30pm.
Charlie Heinz and Claire Thomas

Practicing for an emergency

“Do no harm” is a major tenet of the physicians’ creed, in the Hippocratic Oath or a modernized version of it. To reduce risk and improve training, Medical School students participate in simulated clinical experiences where standardized patients — real people trained to show up with certain symptoms — interact with physicians-to-be in a room set up like a clinic or an emergency room. Now, the U’s emergency medicine students are testing in the Libraries' Virtual Reality Studio.
A table in the makerspace with project supplies and The Big Book of Maker Space Projects

Is the Makerspace my space?

In the bright, yet somewhat austere environment of the Health Sciences Education Center, the Health Sciences Library Makerspace stands out, with colorful displays in its windows and — inside its doors — intriguing tools, 3D printers, and plenty of tables to spread out a project. This space — its equipment, its whimsical approach, and its meaningful outcomes — is meant for everyone connected to the U who wishes to explore their craft skills and their creativity.
A close-up from an 1862 hand-colored Japanese woodblock print. In the foreground is a demon representing measles; in the background is a fearful physician.

Drawn to health: Bodies and medicine in popular visual culture

“Drawn to Health: Bodies and Medicine in Popular Visual Culture” explores the historical and contemporary use of visual narratives to communicate about health, featuring collections held at both the Wangensteen Historical Library and the Children’s Literature Research Collections. Visit this exhibit now through December 29, 2022.
Ai Miller leads a discussion about DEIA within dentistry to a group of first year dental students

Ai Miller joins the Health Sciences Library as a Reference Specialist

The Health Sciences Library is pleased to introduce Ai Miller as a reference specialist. Ai will be assisting users with library technology, answering reference questions and supporting the work of librarians and curators.
A person wearing a VR headset stands before an anatomic image, a person seated on a couch with a laptop and two individuals wearing masks make up a composite image of people in the Health Sciences Education Building (HSEC).

You’re invited to the Sept. 22 HSEC Open House

Join us at the Health Sciences Education Center (HSEC) Open House on Thursday, September 22 from 11:30am-1:30pm to learn more about library expertise in our new library spaces.
A manuscript text

What’s new at the Wangensteen?

Our library collections are always growing, and the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine is no exception. But how do you decide what still needs to be added? Come get a sneak peak at six books that the Wangensteen purchased in the last year, and learn more about our collection development mission.
cough syrup

My research on the Tylenol incident

Hey my name is Emily Ramirez. I work as an intern at the Health Sciences Libraries, completing a project at the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine. I'm finding tamper proof medicines, and also preparing some of the things that are going to be shown in the Wangensteen Historical Library’s exhibit here at the University of Minnesota related to the 40 year anniversary of the tampering of Tylenol bottles.
An instructor podium with a keyboard and monitor that is displaying the 'M' logo for the University of Minnesota is in the foreground. In the background there are computer monitors mounted on an orange wall with a table and chairs.

Activate active learning in the Health Sciences Library Commons

The Commons is a gathering place located in the Health Sciences Library for interprofessional development, discussion, and innovation. It connects a broad community of librarians, instructional designers, teaching experts, and technology leaders in support of educational goals.
asthmatic cigarettes

Old Medicine in the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine

Hey my name is Emily Ramirez. I go to Longfellow High School. I'm working in the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine  this summer as an intern through the StepUp program.
Glass baby bottle

My time as a Health Sciences Library intern

Hey my name is Emily Ramirez. I go to Longfellow High School. I'm happy that I got the chance to experience Step Up for the first time. Step Up is a program for young people to have a look at what a professional job is like. This is a photo journal documenting my time as a Health Sciences Library intern as part of the Step Up program. This week, I'm sharing some pictures of glass bottles from the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine.
Heidelberg students examine rare books in the Wangensteen Historical Library.

Libraries key role in international dentistry exchange

Hospitality to visitors from afar may include a gift bag of treats. For German students of dentistry from Heidelberg University, those treats included an introduction to the jaw-dropping high-tech in the Health Sciences Library and the history-rich learning environments in the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine.

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