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Student book reviewer Annie Hoffman next to a book cover

Student picks: ‘This Is How It Always Is’

Libraries' student worker, Annie Hoffman, reviews Laurie Frankel’s third novel, "This Is How It Always Is," focuses on a upper middle class family of seven and focues on the parents and the couple’s youngest child. This child starts out named Claude and goes on to be named Poppy, which sends Rosie and Penn Walsh-Adams on a desperate search for the best way to raise their gender nonconforming child.
Banner for "Women and Work" exhibit, with woman in an apron holding canned foods

A Woman’s Place: Women and Work

"A Woman’s Place: Women and Work" is a new exhibit at Elmer L. Andersen Library that attempts to unpack the stories of what “women’s work” truly embodies by pulling materials from units across the University Libraries. The exhibit runs through March 6, but a special exhibit reception will be held January 16.

Need a last minute gift? Try the Breakerspace

It’s finals week! But it’s also mid-December. Holidays are looming and you aren’t done with Fall semester until Friday afternoon (the last day of finals). Fight the urge to finish up finals and escape to a land filled with cookies, hot cocoa and baby Yoda and stop by the Breakerspace to craft some hand-made gifts.
Black and white illustration by K. A. Suvantoo showing man inspecting immigrants at Ellis Island, New York

A visit from Australia to research Finnish-America

Guest author Alana Kosklin visited the Immigration History Research Center Archives recently, and shares her experience doing research for her topic of interest, the Kalevala and Finnish-Americans. Kosklin is the recipient of this year’s Michael G. Karni Scholarship, which is awarded by the Immigration History Research Center. Kosklin is an English Ph.D. candidate at the University of Newcastle in Australia.
Cover of "The Circle" by Dave Eggers

Student picks: ‘The Circle’ by Dave Eggers

Jupiter Adams-Phipps reviews "The Circle" by Dave Eggers, a novel about a utopic California-based tech company from the not-too-distant future that parodies an amalgamate of Google and Facebook in its offering of free social and productivity services. As a young woman eager to escape her uninspiring job at a utility company in her boring hometown, Mae Holland leaps at the chance offered by an old friend from college to begin working at the most influential company on the planet, even if it’s just in a customer service position.
Allison and Jasmine

Secrets of the libraries as told by students

By Allison VanLannen and Jasmine Jackson The libraries across the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus provide a ton of different experiences for students, faculty, and...
Open Access Logo

Open Access Week is Oct. 21-27

Each year in late October, we mark Open Access Week — an international event to raise awareness of issues around access to scholarly research, and to inspire wider participation in open access publishing. Below are some options for researchers when considering making their research article open to the public.

Welcome Week 2019

The biggest incoming class in 46 years toured the Libraries August 30 as part of Welcome Week 2019. The Class of 2023 learned about our 24/7 chat support, free online course materials, makerspaces, 3D-printing, and more!
Photo of gene segment models.

3D-printed gene segment models aid in active learning 

Michelle Henry-Stanley, PhD, had been looking for a better way to teach the complex topic of genetic recombination using a tactile, hands-on educational tool. She and her co-instructor Donna Spannaus-Martin, PhD, connected with our Makerspace to produce low-cost sets of 3D immunoglobulin gene segments to support new ways of teaching and learning and meet their active learning goals.
Goldy Gopher inspects a model human skull at the UMN Health Sciences Library's booth.

UMN Libraries at the State Fair

This year at the Minnesota State Fair, we’ll show you some fun and fascinating historical medical devices from the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine. We’ll test your knowledge with a health fact or fiction quiz. And Minitex — a division of the University of Minnesota Libraries that supports libraries throughout Minnesota — will be there, too, as part of Read & Ride Day at the Fair.
Photo of person using a stencil made at the Makerspace

Libraries makerspaces support Paint the Bridge 2019

The University Libraries Makerspaces (Walter Library, Bio-Medical Library) want to help student groups have their best looking bridge panels ever for Paint the Bridge 2019. Using our specialized equipment, groups can cut out custom stencils for clean, crisp and detailed graphics to showcase their work.
Small groups of people gather around conference tables

‘Visioning session’ helps showcase the history of medicine

The Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine hosted a charrette to prepare for its new exhibition space in the Health Sciences Education Center. This visioning session brought together a diverse group of stakeholders who shared their ideas for exhibiting, which included involving students, creating pop-up exhibits, and creating partnerships.
Photo of Louisa Botten.

‘Librarians can not only help you find resources but can also help you shape...

Louisa Botten, a first year undergraduate at the University of Minnesota, recently completed an internship at the Wangensteen Historical Library. Read how Botten combined this historical text with modern technology to create an award-wining online exhibit.

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