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Mama Cat has Three Kittens

Notable acquisitions

Jewish Community Action Records, C. P. Frank's Atlas of the city of Duluth, Minn., (1902), “Mama Cat Has Three Kittens," and many more notable acquisitions were made in fiscal year 2020 by the University Libraries.

In-person voting in Minnesota for the general election

Were you planning to vote by mail, but worry that there won't be enough time to apply for, receive, and return your ballot? In Minnesota, you can also return your absentee ballot in person, vote early in person before Election Day, or vote in person on Election Day. Get more details in this A Matter of Facts post.
Open Access Week 2020

Open Access in the classroom

The phrase “Open Access” refers to published scholarly research — often shorter form articles or papers, but also longer form open monographs. By contrast, the phrase “Open Educational Resources” tends to be used to refer to open textbooks and other course materials like question banks, handouts, or worksheets.
The vision for the Health Sciences Library

Support the vision for the Health Sciences Library

Learn more about the vision for the Health Sciences Library, located in the new Health Sciences Education Center from Library Director, Janice Jaguszewski, which was built upon one key question: “How can we bring together librarian expertise, digital content, flexible spaces, and new technology to advance teaching and learning and really help prepare our students to become the next generation of health care providers?”
Election 2020

Perspectives from election judges

Are you thinking of volunteering to be an election judge this year? Have you ever wondered what drives people to volunteer to work a 16-hour day (plus training and set-up time) in November? Many Libraries staff volunteer as election judges. We’ve asked four of them why election judging is so rewarding that they come back year after year. Here are their responses.
Open Access Week 2020

Structural inequalities in scholarly communications

Open Access Week’s theme for 2020, “Taking Action to Build Structural Equity and Inclusion,” provides an opportunity to reflect on the value of information as a commodity. We will explore this issue in the context of the move towards electronic content and conglomeration of the publishing system.
Beet Growers: Agreement for hand labor on sugar beets

Sharing sources . . .

The Immigration History Research Center Archives recently digitized surveys of Mexican and Mexican-culture residents in St. Paul in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. The surveys were done by what is now the International Institute of Minnesota. Founded in 1919, “it is a social service agency helping and also honoring new Americans..."
Election 2020

A short history of election day in the U.S.

In this installment of "A Matter of Facts," Julie Dinger explains why the election is held on a Tuesday in November, employee voting rights, and more.
Annie Hoffman

Annie’s final blog post

Annie Hoffman here! This is my final blog post as the Student Journalist for the Libraries. My senior year and Honors thesis will require...
Caitlin Bakker

Teaching as conversation

Research Services Liaison Caitlin Bakker recently won an Affiliated Teaching Award from the University of Minnesota Medical School for her work last year with the Family Medicine Collaborative Scholars Intensive Course.
Sheer Ganor

Libraries’ help ‘invaluable’

On Aug. 21, the Libraries received high praise from faculty member Sheer Ganor, who tweeted about the help she recived in preparing for fall semester. “So much is going wrong in the world right now, but @umnlib is so right.”

Dance, ‘Stray City,’ making cheese, and more

Annie's been busy this week in socially distanced dance rehearsals, swapping books, making cheese, and volunteering at the YWCA in Minneapolis.

Check the Libraries for required texts

A few weeks ago, I tried out the Suggest a Purchase feature on the University Libraries website. This week, I received an email informing me that the book I suggested was now available to read online through the library catalog. I am excited to start Ryan La Sala’s Reverie, a young adult fantasy novel about gay teenagers and dreams becoming real.
Anne Good

Continuing to explore

New Assistant Curator Anne Good is well-suited for the University of Minnesota James Ford Bell Library’s focus on travel, trade, and exploration in the early modern period. After all, she had an early start exploring as a child of missionaries who lived in three African countries while growing up. But her new positions also represents a homecoming of sorts: Good did her U of M doctoral research in history using materials at the Bell.
From Childhood to Adolescence

Montessori, a new podcast, and Anti-Racism Daily

This week, Annie writes about her plans to incorporate Montessori ideas into her Dance Pedagogy course in the fall, a new transgender podcast, and Anti-Racism Daily — a newsletter that offers daily actions to dismantle white supremacy.
Birchbark House

Reading, advocating, and pondering fall

Annie is a member of Equity, Accountability, Redistribution — a group of white, Minnesota-based writers committed to using our collective privilege and capital to resource and support writers of color and indigenous writers in our community.

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