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Rekhet Si-Asar

Turn, turn, turn

Rekhet Si-Asar is a small-in-stature person who makes a big impression. “It's like magic to watch her,” says Lissa Jones-Lofgren, chair-elect of the Friends of the University of Minnesota Libraries board. Over the past 20 years, she has known and admired Si-Asar for her high level of energy and her outstanding ways and results with people and with books.
cough syrup

My research on the Tylenol incident

Hey my name is Emily Ramirez. I work as an intern at the Health Sciences Libraries, completing a project at the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine. I'm finding tamper proof medicines, and also preparing some of the things that are going to be shown in the Wangensteen Historical Library’s exhibit here at the University of Minnesota related to the 40 year anniversary of the tampering of Tylenol bottles.
An instructor podium with a keyboard and monitor that is displaying the 'M' logo for the University of Minnesota is in the foreground. In the background there are computer monitors mounted on an orange wall with a table and chairs.

Activate active learning in the Health Sciences Library Commons

The Commons is a gathering place located in the Health Sciences Library for interprofessional development, discussion, and innovation. It connects a broad community of librarians, instructional designers, teaching experts, and technology leaders in support of educational goals.
asthmatic cigarettes

Old Medicine in the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine

Hey my name is Emily Ramirez. I go to Longfellow High School. I'm working in the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine  this summer as an intern through the StepUp program.
Glass baby bottle

My time as a Health Sciences Library intern

Hey my name is Emily Ramirez. I go to Longfellow High School. I'm happy that I got the chance to experience Step Up for the first time. Step Up is a program for young people to have a look at what a professional job is like. This is a photo journal documenting my time as a Health Sciences Library intern as part of the Step Up program. This week, I'm sharing some pictures of glass bottles from the Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine.
Logan with unofficial Toaster mascot, Brody.

Memories Made in the Toaster Innovation Hub: Meet Maker of the Month Logan Rohloff

Spring 2022 U of M grad Logan Rohloff recalls his time as a Toaster Ambassador, and we hear from his supervisors about the impact his energy and efforts brought to the Toaster Innovation Hub in Walter Library.
Marlene Zuk

She has heard the crickets singing

One of the first things Marlene Zuk does upon moving to a new town is to drop into her local library for a new library card. “Libraries are the linchpin of civilization,” says Zuk, Regents Professor in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior.
Julie Rashid

A shift in acquisitions

“COVID was when you saw a very dramatic shift from print to electronic monographs, out of necessity,” says Julie Rashid, Acquisitions and Rapid Cataloging Manager. “We knew it was on the horizon, but COVID took it from the horizon and put it on a super-jet and it got to us fast.” The change has caused a shift in focus at the Libraries, but the goal remains the same: to work together to get content to users.

She wears it well

Erinn Aspinall, MSI, was named Director of the Health Sciences Libraries in December 2021. “While she still was the Interim Director, Erinn promoted and realized her vision for the future of our Health Sciences Library, as well as demonstrating her skills as a leader of a group of highly skilled experts,” says Lisa German, University Librarian and Dean of the Libraries.
Kimberly Clarke

Reflections on student life

As we begin the start of a new semester in a new year, we often look forward and back. Members of our Libraries’ staff share a few things that they would have done differently during their student years. Their perspectives may be helpful for today’s students.
Jan Fransen

Analyzing RIMs

Information about research at a university is of vital importance; it can feed the institutional reputation of a university, as well as the profiles of individual scholars. Recently, the Libraries' Jan Fransen co-authored a research report that defines research information management in a way that would explicate its value to institutions.
Electronic Lab Notebook Presentation at ACRL. Left to right: Franklin Sayre, Megan Kocher, Julie Kelly, Megan Lafferty, Caitlin Bakker.

Mentor and more

Julie Kelly’s hallmark helpfulness led to a career in the University Libraries. While working as a microbiologist in an infectious disease laboratory at the U’s Medical School, she noted that her favorite part of the job was library research. “I thought ‘I should be doing this all day long.’ So I quit my job and went to library school.” She recently retired as a Science Librarian. having mentored many colleagues and carried out projects with national and international impact.
Art by Rachel Breen

Join the conversation

“Nothing New: A Meditation on Sustainability and Abundance,” an exhibit organized by Arts & Design Librarian Deborah Ultan and on display in the Architecture and Landscape Architecture Library in Rapson Hall, provides a focus for a conversation in the College of Design starting at 11 a.m., on Nov. 19.
“Oliver!” by Theater Latté Da, photo by Heidi Bohnenkamp

Lover of the arts

In recent weeks, the dam holding back theatrical and musical productions in Minnesota has broken and one person benefiting is Bradley Greenwald, singer, actor, writer, and director. Also a Friend of the Libraries board member, Greenwald recently took part in a Leonard Bernstein tribute with Dan Chouinard and Prudence Johnson at Crooners in Fridley.
Students in the Toaster Innovation Hub. Screenshot of the Libraries website. Two students working at a laptop computer in Walter Library.

Open houses and self-guided tours of our libraries

Welcome: We have a spot for you! Explore the campus libraries during our Open House event on Tuesday, Sept. 14 (or anytime). Visit and go on...
Doris Brossard

Seeking control

World War I, the Great Depression, and immigration all contributed to a growing number of people who were unattached — unmarried and not linked to communities in significant ways. To study these single people, most of whom were men, Doris Brossard, a doctoral student of modern U.S. history, gender, and women’s history at Rutgers University, recently came to the University Libraries to access the Social Welfare History Archives and the Kautz Family YMCA Archives.

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