Your gift to the Libraries benefits all UMN students

About our Targeting Textbooks project

“Many of our students here at the University of Minnesota have to decide, ‘Am I going to buy this textbook, or am I going to buy groceries this week?’”

—Shane Nackerud, Director of Course Materials Services at the University of Minnesota Libraries

The Libraries is working to support our students and their families with our Targeting Textbooks Project.

You can help!

Textbook costs are high, with students spending on average $100 for each book and more than $1,000 each year. At these prices, students may try to take a course without buying the textbook, impacting their ability to succeed.

The Libraries’ Targeting Textbooks Project takes aim at that expense, buying e-textbooks that can be used by many students at the same time. We can do more with your help.

Give today!

A gift to the Libraries benefits all University of Minnesota students.




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