Living Masquerades : Blue Lady and the Art of Revelry

Living MasqueradesFestivals, masquerades, carnivals, pageants and parades are part of almost every culture as cathartic revelry. The nature of these ritualistic gatherings is organic to human nature as is the need to exercise our identity in forms of fantasy that ignite the human spirit.

Local Minneapolis artist, Jeanie Ockuly, a.k.a. Blue Lady, invites us to parade in costumes made of sequins, jewels, paint, or mud to mock and/or revel in all of life that is beautiful and atrocious in order to let go, celebrate and heal.

“All human beings have a need to get close to the numinous. A brush with the mysterious and divine has healing qualities that help us align with what is our truest self. By transcending our own personal story and connecting with the more universal energies, we are both transformed and confirmed.”

—Vickie Dischler, Jungian Trained LPC, speaking on the work of Blue Lady

About the exhibit

Dates: Now extended through June 30, 2022
Location: Wilson Library
Hours: Open during regular building hours

Artist: Jean Ockuly
Blue Lady Curator: Deborah Ultan
Arts & Design Librarian Social Justice Library Intern: Madisen Rogers


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