Judy: High standards

Judy Novak
Judy Novak

How did you get started at the Libraries?

Answered an ad in the Star & Tribune in 1968. At the time, the University of Minnesota had many ads in the paper for help wanted.

What was the campus like then?  

Smaller. The main library was Walter Library. Wilson Library was in the process of being built on the West Bank Campus — the only library I have seen with an escalator!

How have the Libraries changed over the years?  

When I began working in the Libraries, there were no computers. Now, all staff have their own computer. Staffing has increased and the libraries are now more technologically orientated . . . more electronic access & sharing of book resources with institutions and other agencies. Accounting at the University became decentralized to the college level.

How did this change your work? 

More responsibility and increased workload for Library Business Office.

What will you miss?  

Staff and colleagues who I worked with daily in the Libraries and in other colleges/units. The University of Minnesota campus atmosphere.

What are you most proud of?  

The Library Business Office’s high standards for all processes.

What was the favorite part of your job? 

Working with my staff and other staff in the Libraries.

What do you plan to do in retirement? 

Relaxing and enjoying my family. Travel. Hiking, skiing, and bird watching in the many parks and nature centers in my area and out-state. Volunteering at nature centers, River Valley Riders, and other volunteer opportunities … when the virus is under control.



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