THERE IS ANOTHER SYSTEM: Cybernetics of the Cold War

Image for the exhibit THERE IS ANOTHER SYSTEM: Cybernetics of the Cold WarWe are living in a world deeply influenced by the cybernetic sciences of the Cold War. Since the late 1950s, states and corporations have utilized the various philosophies and applications of cybernetics to control and command the most basic data that underpin society.

From early electronic brains and artificial intelligence to Soviet election hacking and data mining, cybernetics has been a silent participant in virtually every major social movement and technological advancement of the last half century.

This exhibit will investigate the political and economic implications, and cultural representations of cybernetics.

Curators: Amanda Wick (University of Minnesota Libraries) and Matt Hadley, Ph.D. (Senior Lecturer, University of Minnesota, Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature)

Exhibit Designer: Darren Terpstra

Exhibit Details

What:THERE IS ANOTHER SYSTEM: Cybernetics of the Cold War
When: June 13 through November 13, 2020
Where: Elmer L. Andersen Library, 1st Floor Main Gallery
Hours: Open during regular building hours at Elmer L. Andersen Library


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