Wangensteen Historical Library: November construction update

by Gina McKenzie

The construction of the new Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine is well underway as we prepare to move into the Health Sciences Education Center (HSEC) in July 2020.

Display cases have been built in the library’s reading room, which will be visible from the second floor concourse (the main hallway through the building).

Wall graphics have also been installed, and walls have been painted a muted orange color as a way of identifying all library spaces throughout the HSEC building.

It is exciting to see the progress! Stay tuned for future updates.

Rendering of the new Health Sciences Library entryway.
Rendering of the new Health Sciences Library entryway.

We’re on the move!

In 2020, the Wangensteen Historical Library will be moving into the newly constructed Health Sciences Education Center.

Learn how you can inform care with lessons from the past to promote new insights into teaching, learning, and research to address the health challenges of our time.

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