Meet Your Peer Research Consultants (PRCs) at the University of Minnesota Libraries! PRCs can help undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota with their research papers, including help with:

  • Choosing good keywords and databases for searching
  • Finding and evaluating scholarly articles
  • Narrowing down paper topics and creating research questions
  • Navigating the Libraries website
  • Exploring undergraduate research opportunities and finding a research mentor

Program goals

  • Provide academic support for University of Minnesota undergraduates and to support the University of Minnesota’s Student Learning Outcomes, specifically:
    • Students will be able to identify, define, and solve problems
    • Students will be able to locate and critically evaluate information
  • Support the vision developed by the Office for Equity and Diversity. The priority areas identified for this program are:
    • Improve campus climate for diverse students, faculty, staff, and visitors
    • Engage internal and external communities in re-imagining strategies for achieving the University’s retention and success goals for diverse students

Learn more about the program.

Program partners

The University of Minnesota Libraries and the SMART Learning Commons partner with the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence and International Student and Scholar Services.

Support Student Success


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