Four students from Salk Middle School in Elk River talk about their History Day projects and the importance of Wilson Library to their research.

Hear from 8th graders Abi Kotila, Emma McCauley, Ben Stout, Kayla Vang, Salk social studies teacher Ron Hustvedt, and Minitex librarian Elizabeth Staats as they prepare for History Day 2019.

At this year’s State History Day finals on Saturday, May 5, Hustvedt was named Teacher of Merit in the Junior Division, and Minitex was named Library/Media Teacher of Merit. Congrats to Ron Hustvedt and Minitex!

“You and the rest of the team do so much to support History Day students throughout the year, between actual classrooms visits and the development of ELM,” said Sammi Jo Papas, the Assistant State Coordinator for National History Day in Minnesota at the Minnesota Historical Society.


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