Meet our new female skeleton model

Female skeleton model.We need to find the perfect name for our new female skeleton – AND WE DID!!!

We asked you to select her name by voting on your favorite of the following options: Elizabeth (Blackwell), Florence (Nightingale), Ginger (Rogers), Clara (Barton), Fiona (just a nice name), and Lucy (Australopithecus).

And the winner is…….

When our poll closed on October 1, over 450 votes came in to name our new skeleton. A runoff vote with the top two options had over 2,000 responses and helped confirm our name selection – with Clara earning 52% of the votes and Ginger 48%.

We are so happy to announce that our new skeleton has been officially named Clara. 

As the first female skeleton owned by the Bio-Medical Library, Clara broadens representation within our anatomical model collection and supports teaching and learning related to women’s health.  

Clara joins our male skeleton, Fred. Together, these skeletons allow students to deepen their learning experience as they make anatomical comparisons between the two models.  

Clara’s Namesake

Clara is named after Clara Barton, the pioneering nurse who founded the American Red Cross.

Clara Barton holds a special place in our hearts, as we own her diaries that document her experiences in our Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine. Clara Barton’s diaries can also be viewed online. 

Welcoming Clara

Clara, Fred, and all of our anatomical models are available for checkout and use at the Bio-Medical Library. Just stop our second floor service desk if you would like to meet Clara in person.A photo of our new female skeleton model, Clara, browsing our stacks.



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