Alicia Kubas reviewed “When Women Didn’t Count: Behind the scenes on data collection and women in the USA” by Robert Lopresti on this installment of “Read This Book!” from the University of Minnesota Libraries.

In the book, Lopresti details the startling facts of how women have been sidelined, neglected, and just plain lied about in United States government statistics for more than two centuries.

Kubas also discussed some of the strangest discoveries she’s seen and heard about from the government publications collections.

About Lisa Von Drasek, Alicia Kubas and Read This Book!

Von Drasek is host of Read This Book and the Curator of the University of Minnesota’s Children’s Literature Research Collections. She also writes a blog on children’s books called The Blue Ox Review.

Alicia Kubas is the University of Minnesota’s Government Publications and Data Librarian.

Read This Book! is a video podcast produced by the University of Minnesota Libraries. It is available on YouTube and iTunes. Audio from Read This Book! is available on iTunes at Von Drasek’s The Blue Ox Review podcast. 

Read This Book!
Read This Book!
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