Go online to take a dive Underwater

We are happy to announce that the
Underwater exhibit from the Wangensteen Historical Library — which explores humans, health, and science in watery spaces — is now available online.

What you will find Underwater

The exhibit is filled with eye-catching images and text that illustrate the history of navigators, oceanic research, and water in cities and on shores.  

As you explore this exhibit, you can learn about Limeys, ship fever, and the welfare of navigators.  

You can peek into a cabinet of curiosity to learn about specimens collected for personal museums.  

While you are there, you can also complete an exploration of the scientific sea to learn how 18th century sea voyages were designed for scientific research.  

And don’t miss your chance to visit dangerous waters and to discover how water has had an impact on health and wellness (we’re talking sewage, sanitation, surfing, and city baths).

So grab your coffee and a beach towel, and join us Underwater from the comfort of your home.

Visit the Underwater Online Exhibit

Underwater Online Exhibit


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