Luther exhibit ends on September 29

Just 2 weeks left to see 'Luther and the World Turned Upside Down'

Less than two weeks remain to see the exhibit, Luther and the World Turned Upside Down: Prophecy, Revolution, and the End of Time.

The exhibit examines a side of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation that is often overshadowed by more standard images of Luther as heroic reformer or revolutionary theologian. Luther worked in an apocalyptic age, and his efforts to transform the religious culture of the day reflected these intellectual currents. The exhibit highlights these aspects of Luther and his world.

View the main exhibition at Elmer L. Anderson Library through September 29. Additional materials are on exhibit at the T.R. Anderson Gallery on the fourth floor of Wilson Library.

Tim Johnson and Cheryll Fong were co-curators of the exhibit and Darren Terpstra was the exhibit designer. 

Hours: During business hours at Elmer L. Andersen Library and Wilson Library (T.R. Anderson Gallery)


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