Portraits in Context of Place

Photographs by Mark E. Jensen

What: Portraits in Context of Place, photographs by Mark E. Jensen
When: February 24 through July 14, 2017
Where: Architecture & Landscape Architecture Library, 210 Rapson Hall

In the context of their daily lives, at times people are so visually in sync with their surroundings that the landscape becomes a part of their character, creating a symbiotic relationship in which person and place become one. The portraits on exhibit by Minneapolis photographer Mark E. Jensen make the relationship between people and the landscape palpable. His use of light, once noted by author and poet Meridel LeSueur as “very democratic,” provides equal emphasis on both person and place, whether city or countryside, home, workplace or on the street. The black and white photographs on exhibit encompass 50 years of Jensen’s work.

Exhibit Coordinator: Deborah Ultan


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