Books to Give, Volume 1: Bob Dylan

Books about Bob Dylan were discussed in this episode of “Read This Book! — Books to Give,” featuring Bill Pederson from the University of Minnesota Music Library. Dylan, a Minnesota native, recently was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Pederson and host Lisa Von Drasek discussed three Dylan books: Bob Dylan: American TroubadourThe Dylanologists, and Bob Dylan The Lyrics: 1961-2012

Books discussed

Bob Dylan: American Troubador by Donald Brown

The Dylanologists by David Kinney

Bob Dylan The Lyrics:  1961-2012 (Simon and Schuster)

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About Lisa Von Drasek and Bill Pederson

Lisa Von Drasek is the Curator of the Children’s Literature Research Collections at the University of Minnesota Libraries. Bill  Pederson works at the Music Library at the University of Minnesota. 

About Read This Book!

Read This Book! is a video podcast produced by the University of Minnesota Libraries. It is available on YouTube and iTunes.

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