Halloween and Other Festivals of Life and Death


Tired of being a  vampire or a witch every October 31? Whether you are researching the history of Halloween, Halloween costumes, masquerades, oppositions to Halloween, or just looking for inspiration for your own costume, the University Libraries has books, articles and databases that will help your research.

“For one night a year, we can act out whims and realize fantasies. Men can be women, children adults, milquetoasts heroes, good girls bad, devils saints, and vice versa. For a single night we all can star in the roles of our choice. The secret of Halloween’s success is that it is more than a holiday. It is a brief and titillating vacation from our lives and ourselves.”

 -Feldman, E. (2001). Halloween. American Heritage, 52(7), 63.

The following list of titles compiled by our librarian for design, housing, and apparel will help you create your costume whether you’re looking for instructions on how to make steampunk accessories, an authentic Elizabethan dress, or a classic bumblebee costume. 


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