‘A Day Without a Mexican’

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a film from our collection!

By Rafael E. Tarrago
Librarian for Chicano/Latino Studies

A Day without a Mexican, directed by Serio Arau, is a satirical film from 2004 that looks at the impact on the state of California after all Mexicans suddenly disappear.

The film is one of many titles in the University of Minnesota Libraries’ audiovisual collection, housed in the Walter Library Smart Learning Commons, documenting the Hispanic heritage of the United States, and the presence of Hispanics in every day American life and culture. 

Streaming video databases

Presently, the University Libraries privileges streamed video in its acquisition of audiovisual titles. Thus it has acquired several visual content databases. Two visual content databases that contain filmed material on the Hispanic heritage of the United States are:

(If off campus, links to Filmakers Library and Ethnographic Video require University of Minnesota authentication)


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