Tracing the development of modern anatomy

‘U’ honors student creates timeline as part of Vesalius exhibit

By Erinn Aspinall

Vesalius Timeline
Click to view the Vesalius Timeline

University Honors Student, Rachael Howard, has created a timeline that traces the development of modern anatomy. The timeline begins in 460 B.C., with the Hippocrates of the Age of Pericles and ends with the publication of Gray’s Anatomy in 1858.  

It traces historical and medical advances until current times within the context of Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564), considered by many to be the father of modern anatomy.

Follow the timeline to learn more about illegal dissection (1169), Da Vinci (1510-1519), Vesalius’s rebellion (1539), anatomy theater (1594) and more! 

The timeline features many works from the Wangensteen Historical Library. It has been developed as part of Wangensteen’s exhibit, Visualizing the Body: Celebrating 500 Years of Andreas Vesalius, Renaissance Art and Medical Revolution. The exhibit is open through May 8, 2015.  


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