Searching the Kirschner Collection

Two questions I often get asked are if there is a list of books available in the Kirschner Collection and if there is a way to search books in the collection. As of today, the answer to both questions is “yes.” Here’s how to do it:

Finding a List of Books in the Kirschner Collection
To view a list of all the titles in the Kirschner Collection, just go to the Library Home Page and type “TMAGR_REFC” in the search box there. The set of search results you get (about 3319 titles right now) is all of the books in the collection. You can sort by date, title, or author.

Searching for Books in the Kirschner Collection
It takes a little finding, but you can now limit your search to just the Kirschner Collection. To do this, first, click on the Advanced Search button on the Library Home Page


Then, click on the “Libraries Catalog” tab:


Finally, set your search scope to “Kirschner Cookbook Collection” (It’s under “Magrath Library” in the list):


Now you’re searching the cookbooks!


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