Alternatives to Ramen

Today I’m posting with a special wink and nod toward some first-year students on a scavenger hunt. 
Many of us are familiar with the stereotype of the college student who lives on ramen and coffee. Lucky for U of MN students, the Kirschner Cookbook Collection totally has your back if you’d like to break out of the mold. If you’re making the jump from ramen, here are some specific titles I picked out to help you get started.

Learning to Cook

If your main reason for surviving on noodles is a lack of skill in the kitchen, a whole range of cookbooks are available to help you out, from the Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cook Book For Beginning Cooks of All Ages to several complete correspondence courses in cooking from Grand Diplôme. 

If you’re eating ramen because you’re broke, there is hope for you in the Kirschner Collection as well:

Throwing Something Together Between Classes

Finally: if you’re eating ramen because it takes approximately 2 minutes to make and you’re extremely busy, fear not. We’ve got cookbooks full of quick and easy recipes, and even some that will teach you how to make a cheesecake in the microwave:



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