Meatless Recipes for the New Year

sauerkrautfritters-thumb-500x386-107332Yesterday, the New York Times ran a piece by Mark Bittman suggesting that readers might resolve to eat better in the new year by consuming more plants and perhaps even going vegan some of the time. With this in mind, I decided to take a quick look at the vegetarian section of the Kirschner Collection where I came across Jean Prescott Adams’ Meatless Meals published in 1943.

This book offers a glimpse into how meatless eating and thinking about nutrition (each recipe ends with a listing of vitamins and nutrients) has changed over the past ~70 years, as well as pages of menu plans and, of course, recipes. The “Cosmopolitan Vegetable Dinner Menu” is one I’d like to try — in particular, the sauerkraut fritters, which Doris Kirschner penciled in a check mark next to (click the image to view a larger version.) Happy New Year!


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